• How to take mom?

    Yana Lisitsina
    Yana Lisitsina
    October 15, 2014
    How to take mom?

    Conflicts between children and mothers are very frequent. Different worldview and life principles make themselves felt, and now we quarrel with our dearest and closest person. How to learn to accept mom as she is and build a good relationship with her?

    We change our attitude to mom

    Regardless of who your mother is, what her interests, preferences, advantages and disadvantages, she will always be your only mother, the person who gave you life. So try to learn how to live in peace and good with her.

    • Let her be imperfect. We are not all perfect, and your mother is no exception. Feel free to take a look at her shortcomings and forgive them to her. Try to accept mom as she is, paying more attention to her merits.
    • Stand in her place. Try to mentally take the position of the mother - feel her misfortunes, especially the nature and upbringing, especially the time in which she lived. What would you do in her place, provided all of the above? As you can see, everything is not so simple ...
    • Consider age and social difference.Mom does not like books, music, clothes, games that you like? But from the height of its cultural level and age, your interests may indeed look unattractive. Why not talk to your mom and offer to exchange experiences? Let her try to love something of your interests, and you in response will pay attention to her hobbies.
    • Remember that mom will not always be with you. So that after years you would have no reason to regret that you could not make contact with your mother, correct your attitude towards her right now.

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