• How to take "Imudon"?

    "Imudon" refers to drugs that have a local effect. It is used for resorption, prevention and treatment of infections of the mouth and throat. It is taken at any stage of treatment: as soon as the first signs of the disease appeared, in the midst of infection and during the recovery time.

    How does the drug work?

    “Imudon” is an active medicine that acts fairly quickly: on the second day, the symptoms of the disease are less pronounced.

    The mechanism of action is based on the activation of protection in the body itself, which subsequently successfully fight bacteria, fungi and viruses. Local immunity provides reliable protection against all pathogens. Thanks to this, “Imudon” is different from other medicines that are used to treat throat diseases.

    The drug begins to actively affect, because the active substance has a great effect on the mucous membrane at the time of resorption directly in the infectious focus, and due to this, immunity is activated. Thanks to the drug provides a good therapeutic effect, it can also be used as a preventive measure.

    Consider the instructions for use of "Imudon": dosages, side effects, indications and contraindications.

    Medication: indications and contraindications

    "Imudon" is prescribed for the prevention and treatment of various infectious and inflammatory ailments of the mouth and throat:

    • Pharyngitis and chronic tonsillitis;
    • In preparation for tonsillectomy and in the postoperative period;
    • Erythematous and ulcerative gingivitis;
    • Oral dysbacteriosis;
    • Infections during tooth extraction and implantation of artificial roots;
    • Periodontal disease, periodontitis, glossitis, stomatitis;
    • Problems that can cause dentures.

    There are few contraindications for use: strong sensitivity to the components, autoimmune diseases, age up to 3 years. "Imudon" is not recommended for pregnant women or during lactation.

    Reception of "Imudon": doses

    • Children 3-14 years. Treatment of acute and exacerbated inflammation of a chronic nature in the mouth and throat. For prophylaxis, you should take 6 tablets per day. They need to dissolve in the mouth and not chew at intervals of 1-2 hours. The treatment will last 10 days, and the prevention will take 20. The course should be repeated three to four times a year.
    • Adolescents and adults from 14. If a person has chronic and acute inflammation, take 8 tablets per day, do not chew, dissolve, hold in the mouth at intervals of 1-2 hours. The treatment will last 10 days.
    • As a prophylaxis of inflammations in the mouth and throat, they take 6 tablets every day. They need to dissolve, without chewing, with a frequency of two hours. The treatment will last 20 days. For prophylaxis, they are given three to four times a year

    Overdose "Imudon" not seen interactions with different drugs, too. The drug can be used with others, there will be no interactions.

    Side effects

    In rare situations, the use of "Imudon" will be accompanied by allergies (urticaria, rash, edema), gastrointestinal reaction (abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting), fever, cough or acute asthma. Sometimes it can be accompanied by the development of erythema nodosum, vasculitis, thrombocytopenin.

    "Imudon" for children

    "Imudon" is allowed to use for the treatment of children from 3 years.

    • He is able to reduce treatment by 2 times.
    • The drug activates the body's immunity and is indispensable in the fight against pain and inflammation, further treatment is not required. When taking the medicine, antibiotics will not be required.
    • High security.
    • Some side effects and contraindications that occur in rare situations.

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