• How to take amino acids

    If you need to fill the protein deficiency in the body, take amino acids before breakfast. It is at this time that they more quickly and effectively neutralize the so-called “protein window”.
    To achieve maximum muscle growth or optimal regenerative processes, use amino acids at night. You will relax, and at this time your muscle tissue will be able to get extra nutrition.
    The acute need of the body for protein comes after physical exertion. Therefore, if you train hard, then no later than 20-30 minutes after completing the class, take a certain dose of amino acids. This is very important, since with their help catabolic processes are reduced, aimed at the destruction of substances that serve for the construction of fabrics.
    If you want to gain muscle mass, take amino acids and after, and before training. So you will provide a powerful energy potential and improve the work of your muscles.
    Do not take amino acids in combination with a gainer, protein, or various food substitutes.Thus, you will reduce the rate of assimilation of amino acids, that is, you lose the very meaning of the intake.
    If your goal is weight loss, choose a tighter admission schedule. Include the use of amino acids also between meals. Thus, you reduce your appetite.
    Alternate amino acids in pure form with the intake of a complex of protein components. So the result will be more effective.

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