• How to take a smear?

    Marina Nazarenko
    Marina Nazarenko
    March 18, 2013
    How to take a smear?

    Before going to the antenatal clinic, it is useful to learn how to take a smear from women. The patient is in the gynecological chair. You can purchase a smear kit in the pharmacy in advance, which includes a litter on the chair, disposable sterile gloves, a gynecological mirror and a brush-probe. If you donate such an analysis for the first time and you are scared, you can watch a video of how a smear is taken. Nothing wrong with that, we assure you. The procedure is painless and takes place in a few minutes. At the same time, the gynecologist inserts a special gynecological mirror into the vagina and uses a brush to take material from all possible foci of infection - the external opening of the urethra, vagina and cervix.

    How to take a smear from a virgin

    The procedure for taking a smear from a virgin is carried out on the same principle as for women who have sex. However, the gynecological mirror is not used, and the doctor gently draws material for a vaginal smear through a hole in the hymen.There may be indications when it is necessary to take a smear on the study and from the urethra. This procedure of taking a smear from a virgin eliminates damage to the hymen and is absolutely painless. Also take a smear from little girls.

    How to take a smear from men

    In men, a smear is taken from the urethra by bacteriological examination of inflammatory processes in the microflora of the urinary canal. The procedure is painless and the material is taken by a urologist. A man needs to prepare himself for the procedure, for this:

    1. 6–7 days prior to analysis, the use of antibiotics or other potent drugs should be stopped;
    2. 24 hours before taking a smear, exclude alcohol and any products with its content;
    3. Exclude sex 12 hours before the procedure;
    4. Do not go to the toilet for a couple of hours before analysis.

    The procedure can only cause pain in case of damage to the urethra, in the presence of infection or inflammation. The urologist gently inserts a sterile cotton swab into the urethra of a man 2-4 cm in depth, carefully rotating, takes it out.

    Spouse Survey

    This refers to examination for the presence of inflammatory processes or infections.When smears are taken from a couple of spouses (sexual partners), the test results can be both the same and different. This is not an indicator, since a man and a woman are different organisms with individual indicators of immunity. So, microorganisms in a woman's vagina can behave completely differently than in a man's urethra. Therefore, the clinical picture in each case is considered purely individual and the recommendations for treatment are also different.

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