• How to switch the audio track?

    Kristina Firsova
    Kristina Firsova
    February 20, 2013
    How to switch the audio track?

    To view the video and play the sound with a different sound track, you must manually select the desired one in the installed player. Consider how to switch the audio track in different players.

    • Media Player Classic - in this player, select the desired audio track is quite simple. Go to Play -> Audio -> and select the track. In Media Player Classic, switching to MKV and DVD is done most often in movies by choosing the audio language. Switching tracks while watching a DVD can only be done when running the IFO file VIDEO_TS.IFO
    • Light Alloy is also a common type of player. Click the right mouse button, then in the menu that appears, select "Sound" -> "Switch audio track."
    • KMPlayer - to change the audio track, press CTRL + X -> the audio track changes. The second way is to press the right button, select the audio track in the player menu that appears.
    • VLC Media Player - to switch the audio track, go to the menu “Audio” -> “Audio track” -> select the appropriate audio track.
    • BSplayer - in this player, the switching process consists of the following actions: right click the mouse button, select the item “Audio” -> “Audio streams” -> in the unfolded menu and select the required audio track from the list.

    Let's look at how to change the audio track for MKV and DVD video files. There are many different players for this, but two of the most popular are the most popular: it is Quick Time Player, originally bundled with the system and installed on a free, free cross-platform project. The VLC player is almost universal for any video file format. Quick Time Player can not boast of similar features.

    • For VLC, the order for selecting audio tracks will be as follows: in the opened menu item, select Audio -> Audio Track -> Track 1 / Track 2 or Russian / English.
    • In the Quick Time Player, the tracks should be switched in this way: go to the menu item Quick Time Player -> View -> Languages ​​-> Russian / English.

    The quite popular KMPlayer player includes codecs, there is a convenient and extensive functionality and comfortable control available. To change the track, press CTRL + X and it will change. You can do otherwise - press the right button and in the menu that appears, select the audio track. We do not recommend watching the video through the Winamp player. But audio tracks can be switched in it.To do this, click the right mouse button, in the opened menu, select the Audio Track item and determine the required audio track at the moment.

    We told you how to switch the audio track in different players, now it will not be difficult for you!

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