• How to survive the unbearable heat?

    Heat is an inevitable phenomenon in the summer. It delivers a lot of inconvenience and causes everyone the same question - how to survive the heat without harm to health.

    After a long winter, we all look forward to warm and sunny days. But with the long-awaited warmth comes unbearable heat. High air temperature causes a lot of inconvenience. First, it is an increase in pressure. For people with heart disease and high blood pressure, being in the sun is simply life threatening. Secondly, in the heat we sweat a lot, and this is not the most aesthetic sight. Thirdly, our clothes quickly get dirty. Fourthly, under the influence of high temperatures, our brain works less actively, and during working days it significantly reduces efficiency and is fraught with trouble.

    Our body can normally tolerate air temperature in the range of 25-32 degrees. Unfortunately, in the last five years we have seen such a temperature only in the spring and not for long. In summer, the thermometer rarely drops below 38-45.Therefore, we have no choice but to learn to adapt to life in “hot” conditions.

    Survive the heat without health problems can, if you follow simple guidelines. Believe me, they greatly facilitate your life.

    Drink plenty of water. And the fact that for a healthy life you need to drink 1.5 liters of water a day, many people know. But in the heat the amount of fluid consumed is desirable to increase by 2 times. Drink at any time, your body should not be thirsty. Of course, it is better to give preference to clean water. But, if it is hard for you to drink it in large quantities - it does not matter. Replace it with fruit drinks, fruit compotes, unsweetened tea. Remember one important rule - you cannot drink carbonated drinks because they are not able to quench their thirst. And accordingly, they will not be able to help you survive the heat.

    When it is very hot outside, you only want to wear fashionable swimsuit and flip-flops. This outfit is unlikely to be appreciated at work. To make your life easier, choose high-quality clothing made from natural fabrics. In it, your skin will be able to "breathe", and in the currently popular synthetics it will be as if under a film. From this, your body quickly overheats.If possible, your body should be as little clothing as possible, so replace the pants with a skirt, and T-shirts for T-shirts and tops.

    In the hot season it is better to review your diet. Refuse from salty, fatty and fried foods. After that, you want to drink crazy. French fries, dumplings and belyash not only spoil your figure, but also provide you with a sense of discomfort for a long time. Much better you will feel eating light soups and vegetable salads.

    Pamper yourself with a cold shower twice a day. Use refreshing products for swimming, for example with mint extract. Always carry wet wipes and thermal water in the bottle. Refresh your body and face during the day - it will make you feel more comfortable.

    If possible, try not to go out from 11.00 to 14.00. at this time the sun is especially hot. If, after all, you are forced to be on the street, do not neglect hats and sunscreens.

    Do not load your body in the heat of physical work. Your pulse at this time and so much accelerated, do not ruin your heart. If possible, do hard physical work in the morning.You may have to wake up for it very early, but to maintain health you can suffer.

    Forget about diets when on the street the temperature is under forty. Diet weakens the whole body, in the heat it can lead to fainting or even more severe consequences. By eating vegetables and drinking plenty of water a day, you will lose weight without diets.

    Do not drink alcohol and do not smoke.

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