• How to store wine?

    Many readers of our resource, practicing home winemaking, often ask us how to store wine. We will try to tell you in detail about those storage principles that must be strictly observed in order to preserve the quality of the drink without losing its properties. So:

    Where to store wine

    Perhaps this is one of the most common questions. It is clear that in the presence of two or three bottles bought in the store, you can easily do with a refrigerator.

    And in the event that you are a producer of homemade wine, then you can not do without the construction of a special room. Such a building should reliably protect your drink from light sources, cold and heat, vibration. In such a room where you are going to properly store the wine should be maintained all year round constant humidity and temperature. If this cannot be done, then at least these indicators do not experience sharp jumps.

    How to store homemade wine

    Remember that in the room in which you will store your own home wine there should not be any extraneous odors.It should not be stored any vegetables and fruits for the winter, pickles and urinating. Wine is a living organism, and it can absorb any smell. Would you like to drink wine with the aroma and flavor of fresh cabbage or potatoes?

    If it is not possible to build a cellar for wine, take a storage room or utility room in the house or in the construction sites only for storing the drink. Do not occupy it with anything else. Let it be a separate room with purely whitewashed walls.

    And of course, if funds allow you, and you are a real gourmet and admirer of grape hop drink, then purchase a cabinet for storing wine. This is a great option if you are also a wine collector. Such cabinets maintain a constant temperature and humidity, and do not allow the wine to grow old ahead of time or, especially, to deteriorate.

    Temperature. Temperature and temperature again

    You can keep your wine for as long as you wish, if you observe the correct temperature conditions in the room where it is located. Unacceptable high air temperature. They can kill in wine the freshness and subtlety of a bouquet, and, undoubtedly, will accelerate the processes of its aging.And at low temperatures, the process of naturally ripening and aging of the wine will be too slow. Try to avoid sudden temperature changes. Such drops spoil the cork, and through them oxygen can enter the bottle. Accelerating the oxidation of wine, you risk getting vinegar, instead of a divine drink.

    At what temperature to store wine

    • In your wine cellar the temperature will be perfect at 10-15 degrees.
    • Serve white wines at a rate of 9-12 degrees.
    • And red wines are served at a temperature of 15-17 degrees.

    Keep in mind that the most capricious in terms of temperature is white and pink wines. Try to keep them right on the floor, or closer to it. There the temperature is lower. But the red and semi-sweet wines, on the contrary, are located on the racks higher.

    Remember that the cellars should be constantly dark and constant humidity should be maintained at a level of 70-80%, contributing to the constant moistening of traffic jams in bottles, barrels, jugs. And ensure the guilt of peace, not disturbing him once again. Only when all these requirements are met, will you properly store the wine.

    What to store wine

    Together with the question of how much to store wine, this is one of the most common questions on the “wine” topic.

    The ideal option, of course, would be glass containers. An earthenware jug, an oak barrel (not suitable for all sorts of wine), or food grade plastic will also work. The only general rule is a good blockage, for the lack of contact with atmospheric oxygen. If you keep wine corked in separate bottles, then place them on the shelves in a horizontal position.

    Well, uncorking the bottle, try not to stretch it for a few days. In fact, only a few hours, you can store open wine. Uncorked, it loses its flavor and changes the flavor bouquet.

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