• How to store apples?

    Apples are not only the most valuable source of many vitamins, but also a favorite ingredient for compotes and desserts. We will tell you how to properly store the fruit in the house and in the apartment, as well as how to properly preserve apple drying.

    Store apples in the house

    At the dacha provides excellent conditions for the storage of apples. It is important to remember that storage does not carry all varieties of apples. The best in this regard are Starkrimson, Welsey, Golden Delishes, Bogatyr, Zhigulevskoe, Starking, Melba, Northern Synapse, McIntosh, Antonovka, Rennet Simirenko, Jonathan.

    Store homemade apples should be carefully collected and carefully sorted. Very important:

    • Provide apples moisture around 85-90% and temperatures from 0 to + 3 degrees.
    • Ensure that the fruits are not broken and scratched.
    • Do not put the apples next to the garlic and onions, so that the fruit does not absorb unpleasant odor.
    • Send to storage with the stem.
    • Do not wipe the apples before storage, as this will damage the outer protective layer and the fruit will rot faster.
    • To store larger fruits - it is easier to save them than their smaller "brothers".

    An ideal place for wintering apples will be the basement - there is low temperature and average humidity. To keep fresh apples:

    1. Pour dry clean sand in a wooden box, 20 cm deep.
    2. Carefully lay out the first layer of apples on the sand, making sure that the fruits do not injure each other with stem. Some gardeners are advised to lay the stalk down, claiming that in this form the apples are stored longer.
    3. Pour a layer of sand on top so that it completely covers the apples.
    4. Put on top of the second layer of apples and re-fill them with sand.

    The boxes are placed on each other along the walls of the basement so that there is a gap of a couple of centimeters between them.

    You can also store apples directly at the dacha. For this, pre-selected fruits are placed in plastic bags (1-1.5 kg per bag will be enough). In the ground, make trenches with a depth of a pair of spade's bayonets (up to the non-freezing area). Lay out the bags, leaving between them gaps of 20-30 cm (so that when you dig one bag, you do not damage the other). Cover with earth and cover with leaves for extra warming. Mark the location of each package with a stick. In this form, the fruit can survive until spring.

    Store apples in the apartment

    Of course, storing apples in the winter in the conditions of an apartment is not as convenient as in a house. However, though not until spring, but still for a few months the fruit can be saved. Storage options can be three:

    • Select the best apples, wrap each fruit in a newspaper or paper. Put the wrapped fruit in a wooden box and put it in the pantry, or better on the balcony. The paper will absorb excess moisture and prevent the spread of possible rot from one fruit to all other apples.
    • Place the apples in a plastic bag (about 1-1.5 kg per bag). In the middle, make a hole in the package for ventilation (up to 10 cm in diameter). Put the bag on the balcony or in the pantry.
    • Put the apples in the wooden crates, generously sprinkling them with wood chips. Store in this form, similarly, either on the balcony or in the pantry.

    At the same time, in order to preserve apples at home, you will need to sort them out regularly, removing spoiled fruit.

    Never store fruit in living rooms, as the increased temperature in them will contribute to the process of rotting.

    How to keep drying of apples

    In order to get valuable vitamins from apples all winter, they can be dried in the oven, special electric drying or, for example, in aerogrill.

    When transferring the finished product to the container, remember that dried apples should be stored in products made from environmentally friendly materials. Ideal fit fabric bags of cotton or linen, cardboard or wooden boxes, wicker baskets. If none of the above was found in the house, then you can pour the drying into a glass bottle, a jar. Further, the container can be placed in the pantry or on the balcony, in the garage.

    Dried fruits should be kept away from strongly smelling foods, vegetables, otherwise apples will quickly pick up odors and become unsuitable for use.

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