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How to Start a Netlabel


Host Music Files on

  1. Visit the .
  2. Set up a free account.
  3. Read on on uploading with a Netlabel (as per requirements).
  4. Email netlabels at You will need to tell them that you want to start a Netlabel, and the name of your Netlabel. Choose a simple, clear name as your link will look like this:
  5. Wait for a response from the netlabel dpt.. Once you get a reply, you'll have a Netlabel. You're now free to upload your releases on!
  6. Choose your collection during next upload.Next time when you do an upload, you'll have the option to choose your collection from a drop-down menu, see image.
  7. As for the title, first pick an identifier eg. NL001 (2-6 letters of your label + catalogue numbering), afterwards you can re-edit the title in something like [NL001] Title. This way you will have a clear URL on that looks like this:

Your Netlabel's Website

  1. Find a good name/domain name.Do the research to ensure your Netlabel name is unique GLOBALLY. Then buy it or register it.
  2. Find web hosting.Your website will need a home. Find a good plan and pay for it. Or simply use free hosting via sites such as or Blogspot.
  3. Set up the website.Include a good, memorable logo. Ask for help from designer friends if you need it. You can't go wrong by setting it up using a blog platform such as Wordpress.
  4. Set up the email.Your web hosting plan comes with email. But if you use free website hosting, you should set up an email address just for that website using .

Promotion and Networking

  1. Register the name on social media.Make sure your Netlabel's name can be used on all the social media channels you intend to use. For example: Twitter, Facebook Pages, Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc.

Community Q&A

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Promotion & Networking

  • Have your own Website. There is much more you can do to promote your Netlabel when you have your own domain and hosting. You can still utilize the Internet Archive for hosting your music files.
  • Make a Facebook Page. With so many people on Facebook, it would be a shame not to build a community around your Netlabel using Facebook's page tools.
  • A Myspace music account can be a great way to promote your Netlabel and find artists to release. Use a Myspace music account to build a web of musicians, and display some of your artists.
  • Use the Netlabel forums on to your advantage. Promote your releases there. And you can find a lot of support on the forums and help for newcomers.
  • Promote your releases to the larger Netlabel community. One way is to join the appropriate mailing lists to announce your releases such as: netaudio Yahoogroup the net_label_releases yahoogroup. Another way is to post on Netlabel catalogs and indexes on the web (there are many).
  • Use video! Create a video for each of your releases and post on websites such as YouTube and Vimeo. Even if you are not adept at video production, simply uploading a single image (like an album cover) and using one of the best tunes in your release should help drive traffic to your release.


Release Details

  • Have a good description of the materials you release. Often, people will decide whether to listen or download your materials solely on the strength of your album descriptions. Therefore, write well!
  • Sticking to one type of music or a certain style is a good way to let people know what to expect from your Netlabel and may help build a following.
  • Including pictures, digital cover art, or artist biographies to the releases may be a good idea.
  • It is usually a good idea to include multiple qualities and audio formats for convenience and listener satisfaction. (Note that does this for you automatically if you allow it.)
  • Tag your music files correctly! Don't miss out on the opportunity to promote your Netlabel's brand by tagging your mp3s correctly. Include a link to your website, give out artist and release info as much as possible. Never, under any circumstances, release an untagged mp3 file. It makes it difficult for an end-user to find you.


  • Do not upload copyrighted material without the consent of the owner.
  • Uploading releases may take a long time depending on your Internet connection and the size of the files. For this reason, you may want to use a computer that you own, and set uploads overnight.

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How to Start a Netlabel
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How to Start a Netlabel pictures
How to Start a Netlabel pics

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