• How are hair split?

    Yuri Belousikov
    Yuri Belousikov
    April 22, 2013
    How are hair split?

    In the article we describe such a common problem as split ends. Consider how the hair is cut and, most importantly, from what it comes. The reasons for splitting hair, we will focus on our article. Well, first we will describe the phenomenon itself: how it happens and what physiological processes are involved in it.

    How do split ends look like

    Split hairs are called because their tips are split. Such hair is easily confused, broken and look dull. Especially prone to this long hair - a length of 30 cm or more. Such hair, without proper care, almost always begins to stratify at the ends, since they do not withstand the effects of a wide variety of external factors. The length of the hair leads to the fact that the cuticles, the protective layer of the hair, are destroyed, and as a result, the structures of the inner layer of hair — the medulla and the cortical layer are stratified, and the horny scales lose their appearance and cease to press against the hair trunks as they should.This leads to a lack of gloss and the appearance of split ends. Most often it affects the tips of the hair, but in some cases the hair can also be cut along the entire length. The damaged ends of the split ends, as a rule, reach 2-3 cm, and in addition, they are lighter than the rest of the hair. Now let's take a closer look at the causes of the appearance of split ends.

    What makes your hair split

    There are several main reasons. First, splitting hair appears as a result of frequent dyeing and perm. Secondly, the use of a hot hair dryer and alkaline soap leads to the split hair. Thirdly, the reason for splitting hair can be constant contact with a sharp comb, and fourthly - strong burnout in the sun and the sea wind. All of the above factors lead to drying of the hair, as a result of which the hair loses its natural lubricant and moisture. In addition, the long wearing of the same hairstyle in some cases can also provoke a cross section of the tips. It is especially harmful to constantly wear hairstyles such as ponytail, bouffant, and parting. This provokes brittle hair and also contributes to the formation of split ends.For clarity, we give the main reasons why the hair split, in the form of a list.

    • Coloring.
    • Perm.
    • Hot hair dryer.
    • Alkaline soap.
    • Sharp comb.
    • The influence of the sun.

    No one says that all of this must be abandoned altogether, but it is necessary to subject hair to such tests as rarely as possible - in this case, they will remain healthy and beautiful for a very long time. What to do with split ends? We will help you with this.

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