• How to sit in the lotus?

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    How to sit in the lotus?

    Lotus pose is one of the main meditative postures in yoga. This position helps a person to improve the condition of the knee joints, helps in curing rheumatism and scoliosis, is useful for the hips and ankles, and also creates a positive effect on the work of the heart, liver, stomach, intestines and lungs. Therefore, it is worth learning how to take the lotus position.

    Preliminary preparation

    Before you learn how to sit in the Lotus, you need to make a long preliminary preparation.

    Exercise number 1

    First, you should stretch the joints and muscles of the legs. To do this, sit on the floor, stretch the left leg, and bend the right leg at the knee. Then you need to start kneading each right toe with your hands. Using the pads of your fingers, you should stretch the outer and inner surfaces of the foot, and then proceed to rubbing the palms of the thigh muscles and lower legs with your palms. Next, fingertips need to knead the knee joint, the main thing is not to touch the area under the knee.

    Exercise number 2

    Sit on the floor and stretch your left leg forward.The feet of the right foot should be placed on the thigh of the left. At the same time, the foot of the right leg should be turned to the maximum with the inner surface. Now you should hold the foot with your left hand, press the right knee with the right hand. At this point, you should try to get as close as possible to the floor. Perform this exercise is necessary for 15-20 seconds. Then you need to swap legs.

    Exercise number 3

    Sit on the floor, stretch your legs, and lift your arms up. Now you need to take a breath and pull the crown up. At the same time you will feel how your spine is stretched. With exhalation, lower the upper body to the feet. Then, keeping your back straight, you should try to reach out with your hands. This position should be delayed for 15 seconds, then return to its original position on the exhale, stretch the crown up, and then lower your arms.

    Exercise number 4

    It is necessary to kneel down and position the legs as far as possible from each other. Then you should sit on the floor between the heels, while relying on the back on the floor with your hands. While inhaling, you should start to lean back until the back is completely flat.Hands should now be put on the stomach, close your eyes and breathe evenly. It is necessary to relax as much as possible in this position. After 15-20 seconds, you can rise to the starting position, while helping yourself with your hands.

    Performing Lotus Pose

    After the preparatory exercises, you can sit in the Lotus position. But for this you need to know how to sit in the Lotus position correctly. First you need to put your right foot on top of your left thigh, and gently pull your left foot up, then put it on your right thigh. If you perform this posture for the first time, then of course at first it can cause inconvenience and sometimes pain. Therefore, in the beginning it is necessary to be in the Lotus position for only a few seconds, after which the joints and muscles of the legs should be kneaded.

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