• How was the "Matrix" filmed?

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    How was the "Matrix" filmed?

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    How was the "Matrix" filmed?

    In 1999, the movie �The Matrix,� directed by Larry and Andy Wachowski, appeared on the screens and immediately became a truly iconic sci-fi action movie. Consider some interesting facts about how to shoot the "Matrix".

    The Matrix: Interesting Facts

    • The original budget of the film was only 10 million dollars. This amount was not enough, so the directors went on an adventure. The entire budget was spent on the opening scene of the film, which was shown to the sponsors. Those were so impressed that they gave an extra 40 million dollars.
    • In the scene with a helicopter crashing into a skyscraper, a copy of a helicopter more than 3 m long was used. Circles that diverged from the impact point are a masterpiece of special effects.
    • The battle between Neo and Smith in the subway was filmed without stuntmen, the actors played there themselves, and they were trained by the famous martial arts master Yuen Wu-Ping.
    • The scene of the release of Neo from the matrix was also filmed without doublers, the Actor really shaved his head and eyebrows.And the matrix itself, with its cells and pipes, was built from scratch in the film set.
    • The famous "trick" of the film - shooting in slow time - required tremendous effort. 6 seconds of such a video were achieved by the work of more than 120 cameras, shooting simultaneously or with a tiny lag, which gave the effect of freezing or slow movement of an object in space.

    The Matrix: the order of films

    After the tremendous success of the first film, The Matrix: Restart (2003) and The Matrix: Revolution (2003) were shot, which had less success.

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