• How to set the alarm on the WHA?

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    How to set the alarm on the WHA?

    After purchasing a car, its owner faces a serious task - to ensure its safety. That is why the installation of various anti-theft tools (alarm) is one of the priorities of the motorist. In this article we will consider in detail how to set the alarm on the WHA.


    The main tools needed to install the alarm include:

    • awl;
    • drill;
    • bit;
    • screwdriver;
    • a set of drills;
    • insulating tape;
    • clippers;
    • tester.

    Main unit

    1. Choose the location of the main unit, guided by their own preferences.
    2. It is recommended to put it in the cabin, but, most importantly, remember that you need to place it where potential thieves will have problems with its seizure.
    3. Also determined by its location, we take into account the size of the standard cords of the control LED, microwave antenna blocks and shock sensors.
    4. If necessary, extend the specified cords.

    Siren installation

    1. We place the siren in the engine compartment, completely excluding even the slightest opportunity to access it from the outside.
    2. We make sure that the sound is evenly distributed around the district, and there is no dirt in its socket.
    3. If desired, set and autonomous siren.

    We connect limit switches

    1. First of all, we take an individual power cord and stretch it to the battery, using engineering openings for this purpose, which are located under the dashboard.
    2. Remember: it is strictly forbidden to use openings headlamp leveling. It is dictated by their placement in the recesses of the wheels, which is an easy and fast enough way to disarm all alarms.
    3. Next, stretch the cord indicating the connection of the ignition to the ignition lock.
    4. After that, simultaneously with the alarm power cord for the front limit switch, we pull the cord into the motor compartment.
    5. Next, set the individual limit switch. It is not recommended to connect the alarm system to this switch due to possible jamming.
    6. After that we set the limit switch for the trunk and for its illumination. To do this, pull the cord along the left side.
    7. Next, install the signal light diode on the instrument panel, after checking whether it is visible from various angles.
    8. After that, connect the cords dimensions to the turn signals.
    9. Instead of door-opening sensors, it is recommended to put individual limit switches.
    10. Also, as an option, install limit switches on the wing, which is located behind.

    Installation of activators on the door

    1. To do this, in the interior of the cabin bend the trim and find engineering openings.
    2. Further through these openings we bring cords to the outside.
    3. After that, using a rubber washer, we attach activators to the door.
    4. We return the trim to its original position.


    1. Go beyond the instrument panel and connect the "+" to the ignition relay using brown and blue cords. This relay is located near the turn relay.
    2. After that, we connect to the turn signals on the block above the steering column (blue and blue with a black stripe cords).
    3. We connect the door limit switches, taking the white-black wires on the side of the clutch pedal.

    Now you know how to connect the alarm to the WHA.

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