• How to send a message to multiple recipients

    To send a letter at the same timea fewto addresseesthat are already in your contact list, open your email (email distribution algorithma fewto addresseesidentical in many mail programs). Click on the "Write Letter" tab and fill in the fields to create a new message: its subject and the text itself.
    Select the link “Add” or the image of the notebook. This will load the list of your address book in which you can tick those who need to send a letter. Click on “Add” again or simply click on the free field.
    A list of all entered addresses will appear in the “To” address bar. Click on "Send", and users will receive your email. However, in addition to the letter, they will see the addresses of all other recipients in the “To” line.
    If you want to hide from the recipients that have used the mass mailing function, use one of two methods.After filling in the subject and body of the email, enter the recipient's name in the “To” box, and then click on the “Bcc” link. An additional empty field will appear under the cell, in which select the required recipients using the previous method. Click again on “Submit”. Your letter will be sent to all recipients, although this does not guarantee the fact of its receipt. Robots of many mail systems consider such letters as spam and are often deleted.
    In order to avoid getting a letter in the spam filter, send messages through the Draft. Enter the subject and text in the appropriate fields, and then click on the “Save as draft” link. Go to the “Draft” section on the left side of the page and click on the saved letter. You will see a letter template in which only the recipient’s address is not entered. Enter the required e-mail manually and click on “Send”, then return to the “Draft” section and repeat the procedure for each new user.

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