• How to seduce a guy?

    Do you want to attract the attention of a man, to cause his sleepless nights and daring fantasies? Then master the ingenious technique of seduction, which, if you carefully perform each item, will certainly give the desired result.

    The art of seducing a man

    Some girls seduce guys with frank outfits, defiant make-up, and bold, unequivocal behavior. And although to achieve the desired, acting by similar methods, it is quite possible, the relationship with his beloved is unlikely to last longer than a few nights.

    To become for a man not just a toy for the night, but a fatal woman who will be remembered for life, act differently.


    • Refuse the vulgar wardrobe and excessively bright makeup. You must become a symbol of femininity and refined taste.
    • Let it be tight, but not too short dresses with a moderate decor (for example, lace). Trouser suits, which conceal unsuccessful details of the figure and emphasize advantages. Medium length shorts with spacious blouses,unbuttoned to the level of the coveted hollows between the breasts, etc.
    • Choose a more silky, soft, flowing fabric that pulls to touch.
    • Make-up should be moderate - always focus on either the lips or the eyes. A great option - seductive smoky eyes and lipstick of a pastel shade, covered with shine.
    • Try to literally shine well-groomed from the ends of hair to the tips of your toes. In this case, by all means always include in your image such an attractive lightly negligence - it seems that a lock of hair that had accidentally got out of the hairstyle, �unintentionally� unbuttoned top buttons on a blouse, etc.
    • Enrich your perfume collection with a teasing, languid, sensual aroma with amber and sandalwood. Use it in the minimum amount and only in the evening so as not to cause a breath of suffocation in the man. In the daytime, seduce with enchanting floral arrangements - beautiful, rich, expensive.


    • In communication be flirty, but not vulgar. Confident, but not arrogant. Give fleeting smiles and playful looks. Be fun, playful, relaxed. Feel free to communicate with other men - the more of them will be near you, the higher will be the interest of the beloved to you.
    • Let a man feel strong, smart, talented, witty, beautiful with you.Make compliments, follow his stories with enthusiasm.
    • Do not forget to periodically tease him with erotic movements. For example, thoughtfully run the tip of your finger on the lips, the wall of the glass. Or by chance, walk the back of your hand on the neck, bit your lip. While talking, stroke the leg of the table, etc. with your toes. You can also, as it were, accidentally touch your hand, shoulder or hip with your hand to his thigh. In this case, you need to look at the guy straight in the eyes and smile coquettishly.
    • Show character. Men are not interested in women who are too simple, accessible, understandable at first sight. So, if you want to seduce a guy, be self-sufficient, moderately �complex�, mysterious. For example, it would be wonderful to have some kind of "intelligent" hobby. This may be a passion for painting, books, high-quality music, travel. You can choose something more daring - motorcycles and cars, weapons, skydiving, diving, etc. You should be able to demonstrate a good pair of good phrases. In this case, in any case, do not try to be clever, to correct a man - they do not like it!
    • Be different.A real femme fatale is an eternal mystery. You never know what will come to her in the next minute. Show the guy that you can be serious and businesslike, proud and a little arrogant, playful and flirtatious, funny and cheerful, tender and bold. Alternate your interest in him with careless indifference.
    • Become a copy of it. Both women and men on a subconscious level like those people who are a reflection of ourselves. So when communicating with a guy, try to gently repeat his movements, posture, facial expressions. Borrow from his vocabulary a few very characteristic words for him.


    • Since the degree of your attractiveness for the opposite sex depends largely on your inner feeling of yourself, your thoughts, then try to develop inner sexuality in yourself. To do this, love your body and believe that you are beautiful, attractive, unique. Wear a beautiful underwear, which on a subconscious level will give you a sense of confidence and looseness.
    • Think about the one you love. Imagine how he admires you, how he looks forward to a new meeting.Dream up about your relationship - first dates, first night together and subsequent happy days spent together.

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