• How to secure a garage

    Monolithic reinforced concrete garages are considered the most reliable. Break through such a wall is very difficult. And to do this silently is absolutely impossible. Brick garages are more vulnerable. A wall made of silicate blocks can be disassembled. Brick visor is an additional risk zone. It is better to abandon it altogether. Attach ceilings to the door frame. In addition, it is desirable that the brick garage had a deep foundation, and the floor was concreted with reinforcing mesh. It will save him from digging. Despite the fact that this method of penetration requires a lot of time and is not always effective, it is, nevertheless, used quite often.
    Sectional metal garages are the most unreliable. In any case, try to strengthen it as much as possible. Concrete foundation. Strengthen the structure from the inside by welding additional steel reinforcement to the roof, gates and walls.
    Breaking locks is the most common way to enter garages of any type. Padlocks are undesirable.Breaking them down is easy. It is better to use two locks, located approximately 30 cm from each other - one external, with a hidden stem, the second - the invoice with a good level of privacy. He must open the key even from the inside.
    Another weak spot is the garage door. It is desirable that they be made of 2 steel sheets with asbestos gasket between them. At installation use internal face or bearing loops. Cutting their autogenous is quite difficult. Gate doors should not have gaps and handles. It is desirable to install a powerful corner along their perimeter. The hinges must be welded securely, since the heads of the bolts can easily be cut with a conventional chisel. Weld at the ends of the gate metal bars that would close into special holes when closing. The gates will remain in place, even if the hinges are cut.

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