• How to save space in a small bathroom

    It is design ideas that often turn into a true problem. After all, to embody all the impulses of fantasy into reality, the room must be sufficiently spacious. But sometimes the opposite is true. Original ideas for bathroom design can be beneficial. For very tiny bathrooms, it may be advisable to install a so-called European wet bath. This name is fully justified. After taking a European bath, everything in the bathroom will be wet. For homes in Europe, this is considered the norm. After all, there apartments can be twice or three times smaller in area than our usual “small families”. And often the watering can for the shower in the bathroom is fixed almost above the toilet.

    For drainage a hole in the center of the bathroom. With this solution, it turns out to save significant space. If the whole open bathroom you can not prefer for yourself,then buy a pretty thick shower curtain. For a very small bathroom, a wall mounted toilet would be the best solution. Its size is noticeably smaller than the standard options. Wall mounts allow you to fix the toilet close to the wall. In addition, importantly, with a wall-mounted toilet, maintaining cleanliness in the bathroom will not be a problem for you.

    A compact shower instead of a reclining bath also helps to solve the problem of saving free space. Today, shower cabins are available in a wide variety of sizes, including very small ones. Instead of a full-fledged shower cabin, you can also install a simple pallet, framed by a glass sliding screen. Such a solution would be a great alternative to the bath.

    For a small bathroom, it is recommended to select an extremely narrow sink and a flat mirror. The first-aid cabinet in the conditions of the constrained space is not the best solution. But a simple mirror with a bottom shelf is just a rational idea. So you will not only free a few precious centimeters, but with the selection of the shell will be more free in terms of choice. By the way, a round sink instead of a rectangular sink will be much more advantageous to look in a small bathroom. And it is better to choose a shell model without a pedestal.The shells that fit directly to the wall have the most compact dimensions. Such a sink will harmoniously fit even into the most modest area of ​​space. Different additions in the form of lockers, pedestals and pedestals will only create a feeling of obvious tightness.

    The mixer, installed at the end of the sink, will also assist in saving living space. Most often the mixer is installed at the wall. If it turns out to be on one of the sides of the shell, then the shell model can be chosen to be very narrow.

    It will cope with its main function "perfectly well". But at the same time, the already too limited space will not be in vain cluttered. Of course, even in a very small bathroom can not do without shelves. But in conditions of tightness for the shelves can be found and unusual places. For example, under the shelves you can take part of the wall. Any nook suitable for creating a shelf suitable for storing bath accessories, towels or laundry detergent. In addition to the shelves can serve as many hooks and hangers. If there is not enough space at all, you can install a removable barrel for the shower, not a tray.Not so many people are still resorting to this option. But when there is no way out, why not try. Such an element today designers is very advantageously played up. Therefore, do not consider it a shameful thing to wash in a barrel for yourself. You yourself will build for yourself the perfect washing place if you take an old wine barrel and attach a bit of inspiration and fantasy to its design.

    A small space in terms of space will not be a reason for distress if you apply the so-called diversion maneuver. To do this, use in the design of the bathroom a lot of bright and original parts. So, for the sink, you can choose a custom saturated shade. Or you can choose a mirror in a form resembling, say, a porthole in a submarine. Using a creative approach to decorating a tiny bathroom, you will definitely achieve the optimal solution for yourself and will comfortably carry out all washing and other procedures.

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