• How to save SMS (SMS)?

    With great confidence we can say that a large number of people save a lot of SMS-messages in their phone. Among them are many of the most beloved and more memorable. And, of course, I would like them all to be on the computer, with the ability to read them. In this section you will learn how to save SMS.

    So, we need the following programs:

    • DiskAid (version and for Windows, as well as for Mac OS)
    • SQLite Database Browser (there is a version for these systems)

    We will consider how to save SMS to computer. For the initial resolution of this issue, you will need a program such as DiskAid, thanks to which you will understand how to save SMS with iphon.

    • You need to connect the phone to the computer, then start DiskAid.
    • On the left side of the screen below, there will be a directory listing displaying the content. You need to select the Root Folder item by clicking on it.
    • Then go to the User – Library – SMS folder, then select the sms.db file
    • After that, click Copy to Mac (or Copy to PC, only if you have Windows), saving it on your computer.
    • After the done operation, turn off the iPhone, and close DiskAid. As a result, a file with your records already exists on your PC. But this file is still encrypted.To decrypt it, let's turn to the SQLite Database Browser. Install it.
    • Then, you have to go to the menu File - Export - Table as CSV File. A window will appear, in the Table Name field, select message, click Export.
    • In the column Save As you will need to, without fail, write the extension .csv. For example, sms.csv. After all this, you close everything and delete those programs that you do not need.

    The file that you got in the .csv format will open in Excel, where you will be presented with all the SMS you would like to read. Now you know how to save SMS from your phone.

    Next, we will talk with you how to save SMS with android.

    One of the best options for this is to use a program such as Backup to Gmail, it creates an SMS, MMS archive, as well as a call log, having a function such as keeping the log on Gmail servers. To create an archive, you need to create an account "mailbox" in Gmail "Gmail.com".

    When you have created an archive, install Backup to Gmail on your new device, then go through authorization and click "Restore". Having made such simple actions, SMS, which are stored on the Gmail server, are automatically transferred to the new device.

    How to save SMS to a memory card

    1. The question arises, when the memory in the phone is not very large, and there is a large number of SMS messages and there is no desire to delete them, what can we do.There is a way out - this is a memory card for mobile phones. When buying a memory card, you need to make sure how it fits to your phone. If you do not, your mobile will hang, and its work will be very slow.
    2. You need to choose which messages to leave and which ones to be deleted.
    3. Place your SMS messages in folders and files, name them. For example, in one folder there is a message from a beloved, in another - from a child, in a third - from a friend.
    4. When you have created certain folders that store SMS messages in the memory card, you press the desired button and save them in it.

    From now on, you should be fine.

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