• How to restore correspondence in Odnoklassniki?

    September 18, 2014
    How to restore correspondence in Odnoklassniki?

    Sometimes, it is urgently needed to find the old message in Odnoklassniki, and it has already been deleted. What to do in this case? Is it possible to recover deleted correspondence in Odnoklassniki? Read about it in our article.

    How can I restore the correspondence

    Unfortunately, there is no special function for restoring correspondence in Odnoklassniki. Nevertheless, there are a couple of fairly simple, though not very reliable ways to find the right message.

    First, you can try to find notifications of incoming messages in your e-mail - they duplicate the text of the message. True, this method may not help. If you have deleted notifications to the trash for quite some time, most likely, the mail service has already automatically cleared them from there. But to recover deleted messages for the last month in this way will work without problems.

    Secondly, you can directly contact with whom you corresponded, and ask him to copy and send you messages.Of course, this method is only suitable if you are in a normal relationship with this person and if the remote correspondence is not chronicling your bitter quarrel.

    You can try to restore the correspondence in Odnoklassniki by contacting the administration of the social network, but only if the problem is really serious. Restore messages about cats, deleted by your whim, no one, of course not.

    Finally, let's say a few words about all kinds of programs that promise to restore the deleted correspondence in Odnoklassniki. Once they really worked, but since the official opportunity to restore the correspondence has disappeared from the social network, these programs have also ceased to function. Even if you find such applications, it is strongly not recommended to use them: under the guise of recovery, they can completely deprive you of access to your account in Odnoklassniki.

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