• How to respond to a compliment?

    You probably noticed how the world has changed. More precisely, we have changed people! Our relations have become cold, we are indifferent to each other. And, if suddenly, we hear a compliment in our address, sometimes we don’t know how to react to it, how to behave, how to respond to a compliment. And, after all, the one who makes a compliment and the one to whom it is intended, in fact, should feel joy. How to achieve this, let's see.

    Reaction to a compliment

    Who can I get a compliment from? From completely different people: close people, friends, co-workers, strangers. And the goals of these people are different: someone wants to cheer you up, and someone wants to get something from you. But this is flattering. Recognizing it is very easy. If after sweet, tender words, small requests follow, this is not a compliment. You can just smile and thank, and then decide whether to fulfill the request of a flatterer or not. But, now we will see how to respond to the compliment.

    First, do not underestimate self-esteem. Do not think that you are not worthy of words of admiration and affection.Does the boss at work praise you for discipline or a creative approach to work? If you are a creative person with a creative approach, don't you deserve such words? In this situation, it suffices to say "thank you, I like my work." Or someone noticed how great the dress sits on you. You shouldn't say "nothing special" or "it hung in the closet for so long, I forgot about it already." Expressions of a negative or justifying nature never use as a response to a compliment.

    Secondly, responding to the compliment, look into the eyes of the other person and smile. The goal has been achieved: you are pleased, the mood is wonderful. If your interlocutor is a close friend or friend, you can joke saying "I tried so hard for you, thanks for noticing" or "if you knew how much effort it cost me." Do you think your answer is not important for the other person? Oh, how important! After all, not all people manage to make a compliment sincerely and with grace. Many people think out in advance what to say, what to hook. This, too, is a kind of skill.

    The beauty of a response to a compliment

    To compliment and respond to them is a whole science. Of course, our reaction depends on the words that were addressed to us. But, whatever you hear, approach the answer seriously.Everything that you say will show whether you are sure of yourself or not, whether the other person is pleasant to you or not. It's easy to just say thank you, but how to do it. This is not just a dry thank you, show that you appreciated the person who paid attention to you. Do not replay, do not mince, behave naturally and freely, but not vulgar. How beautiful to respond to a compliment in your case?

    To answer beautifully does not mean explaining for a long time and in detail how you managed to be so charming today. Sometimes, a rather warm look and a short phrase “thank you, I am very pleased to hear it” or “thank you, I tried.” Learn to keep a polite conversation. Yes, yes, it is a conversation, as often the conversation begins with a nice short compliment.

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