• How to remove Yandex. Bar?

    Evgeny Lukashenko
    Evgeny Lukashenko
    July 3, 2012
    How to remove Yandex. Bar?

    Yandex.Bar is a handy toolbar installed for most well-known browsers. But it turned out that you no longer need her and are going to say goodbye to this trendy little thing. We will tell you how to remove Yandex. Bar, we will describe various methods of dealing with this intrusive program.

    Removing Yandex. Bar is not so easy.

    In your opinion, we have unreasonably called the program Yandex. Bar intrusive? Well, judge for yourself: the methods by which this great product is distributed can safely be called viral. We are offered to install Yandex.Bar along with the installation of many other programs. Often there is simply no possibility of choice, the necessary “tick” is simply not removed or is completely absent. Yes, it also happens! It is not surprising that users initially have a bad attitude to this program, because when they impose something of little use on them, an unpleasant aftertaste remains.

    But we will consider more humane situations. For example, you need to delete Yandex.Bar just because it is tired.Yes, you yourself deliberately downloaded and installed it someday, and now you don’t want to use this program. There are several basic methods for removing Yandex.Bar.

    Method one, ordinary

    1. Start menu.
    2. Click on "All Programs".
    3. We find in the list "Yandex. Bar".
    4. Click, find the line "Uninstall".
    5. We perform an uninstall, simply - delete Yandex. Bar.

    Method two, reliable

    1. Start - Control Panel - Programs and Features (for earlier Windows - Add or Remove Programs).
    2. We are looking for in the list "Yandex. Bar".
    3. Click the "Delete" button. Done, Yandex. Bar removed.

    The third way, effective

    If suddenly your system does not display Yandex.Bar in the list of programs (this is often the case), then you need to download the CCleaner program. Download link.

    1. Install the program.
    2. Run, in the left menu, look for the line "Service"
    3. By default, you get to the "Remove Programs" submenu.
    4. We are looking for our malicious Yandex. Bar.
    5. On the right side of the screen, click Uninstall. Done!

    Google Chrome, Yandex. Bar: how to remove?

    There is some difficulty in removing Yandex.Bar. After removing the program, the panel itself is not always removed from the browser.Most often this happens in Google Chrome. Yandeks.Bar, how to remove you from Chrome? Easily.

    1. Launch Chrome.
    2. Setup (wrench at the top of the program window, on the right).
    3. Tab "Tools".
    4. Now the tab "Extensions".
    5. At the top right click on “+”.
    6. We are looking for Yandex.Bar, click the "Delete" button, it is slightly lower.

    Now we all know how to remove Yandex.Bar from our computer. I hope our article will help you in this difficult matter.

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