• How to remove wallpaper?

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    How to remove wallpaper?

    Depending on the technical condition of old wallpaper, there are various ways to remove them from the walls. How to quickly remove the wallpaper - tell our article.

    Dry method

    If old wallpapers easily move away from the walls, you can use this method.

    • Using a spatula or knife, pry off the wallpaper and pull the peeled pieces of paper toward you;
    • With the remainder of the old glue on the wall - wipe the surface with a damp cloth;
    • If on the wall there are hard-to-remove pieces of wallpaper, firmly glued to the wall, then to remove them, use the "wet" method.

    Wet method

    In addition to the fact that this method is useful when removing pieces of paper that did not succumb to the dry method, it can be used immediately when removing old wallpaper.

    • Wet the wall with a roller, brush or spray (for greater efficiency, use hot water);
    • You can add a small amount of wallpaper glue, washing liquid, fabric softener or vinegar to the water. This procedure will help maintain the required level of moisture;
    • When removing paper wallpapers, let them get wet and dissolve with glue for 20 minutes. Next, using a spatula or knife, carefully remove the swollen pieces of paper;
    • When removing vinyl or washable wallpaper, it is necessary to remove the upper moisture barrier before wetting the wall. This procedure can be carried out with a metal brush or knife;
    • It is necessary to repeat the procedure with water in case there are pieces of wallpaper on the wall;
    • For a quicker procedure for removing old wallpaper, you can use special solutions. Their composition helps instant dissolution of the glue, which contributes to easy disassembly;
    • After cleaning the surface, wash the wall with soapy water, and then rinse the foam with clean water;
    • When using this method, do not forget to turn off the electricity. Sockets and switches glue masking tape for safe operation.

    Removing wallpaper with steam

    • Difficult to clean places must be covered with a wet piece of cloth and ironed with an iron or steamer;
    • Next, remove the peeled pieces of wallpaper.

    It is worth noting that the most effective way to remove adhered wallpaper isthe method of scraping paper with a spatula or knife. Use a tool carefully to avoid damaging the plaster. Otherwise, after removing the old wallpaper, it is necessary to carry out work to restore the surface.

    Difficult cases

    There may be a situation where the old wallpaper will not succumb to any of the ways. This can especially occur if the previous wallpaper was attached to the walls with glue, not intended for such work.

    • Damaged wallpaper must be removed with sandpaper, grinders and other similar tools;
    • When preparing an aqueous solution, it is necessary to mix a special liquid for removing wallpaper and wallpaper glue of the same brand. Such a solution will not only keep the wall wet longer, but also increase the effect on the paper and old glue.

    At the start of work, cover the floor with polyethylene to simplify the process of garbage collection. Remove all shelves, wall clocks and other decor items, and also remove fasteners (nails, screws, etc.).

    Need to remove old wallpaper

    Surely, many thought to pokleit new wallpaper on top of old ones.Unfortunately, this procedure is not welcome for several reasons:

    • No matter how it seems that the old wallpaper is firmly and evenly held on the wall, there is a section where the paper is holding a little worse. Sticking new wallpaper on it will only aggravate the situation, and the paper will soon begin to move away from the wall;
    • Under the influence of a layer of glue will wet the old paper, so new wallpaper quickly move away from the wall. In addition, to stick the wallpaper exactly will not work - bubbles and shriveled areas are formed.

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