• How to remove the heater?

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    How to remove the heater?

    Failure of the tubular electric heater (abbreviated TEN) - a failure occurring in automatic washing machines quite often. Usually TEN burns out due to scale formation on its surface as a result of using tap water with increased rigidity. In this case, it is possible to resume the operation of the machine only by replacing the heating element, and for this it is necessary first to remove the old burned heating element.

    It is better, of course, to entrust the work of replacing the heating element to a specialist from the service workshop, but if necessary, you can try to replace the heating element yourself. How to do it yourself, tell on the example of a washing machine brand Samsung.

    Samsung washing machine: how to remove the heater

    1. Before removing the heater, unplug the washing machine from all communications - from the mains, plumbing and sanitary.
    2. Drain the remaining water from the tank through the emergency drain hole located in the lower front part of the machine behind the false panel.
    3. Move the machine away from the wall, remove the screws holding the back cover, and remove it.
    4. Washing machines from different manufacturers have their own design features, in particular, the heating element itself can be placed in various places in them, and access to it can be opened either from behind or from the front. Practically in all models of washing machines of the Samsung brand the heating element is located under the washing drum, at the very bottom of the water tank. To reach it, carefully remove the front panel of the washing machine and find the heater.
    5. Disconnect all wires connected to it from the contacts of the heating element - “phase”, “zero”, “earth” and wires from the thermal sensor.
    6. Using the wrench, loosen the nuts holding the heating element and release the central pin of its fastening.
    7. With the help of pliers, pull out the heater, for this push the rubber seal inside the tank of the machine.
    8. Now you only need to carefully clean the socket of the heating element and install a new heating element in it, acting in the reverse order.

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