• How to remove the carriage?

    May 21, 2015
    How to remove the carriage?

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    How to remove the carriage?

    A bicycle, like any other vehicle, requires timely maintenance: pumping wheels, lubricating moving parts, tightening bolts, etc. transmitting torque to the bicycle crank arms.

    If the sound of crunching or clicking, as well as play, began to appear, then it’s time to either sort out the carriage or change it (in case it is not folding).

    In order to remove the carriage, you will need the following tools:

    • spline key;
    • squeeze the connecting rod;
    • carriage remover;
    • rozhkovy key;
    • screwdriver.

    Consider in stages how to remove the carriage to eliminate the cause of "crunches".

    Removing the bicycle carriage

    1. Put the bike steady. It may be more convenient to turn it over on the seat. Analysis of the carriage begins on the left side (where there are no stars).
    2. Using a screwdriver, pick up the plugs from the connecting rods of the pedals.
    3. Unscrew the connecting rod bolt, which is located on the end of the carriage shaft.
    4. Using the crank pinch, remove the connecting rod from the carriage shaft.
      • Puller twist the threaded part into the connecting rod to the stop.
      • Remove the connecting rod from the carriage and wipe the seats.
    5. If there is a lock nut, unscrew it with an open-end wrench.
    6. Next, using a slotted key or a carriage puller, unscrew the left adapter cup counterclockwise and then the right one clockwise.

    Now that the carriage is removed, you can either replace the bearings in it or install a new carriage.

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