• How to remove the Asus keyboard?

    Elena Melnichenko
    Elena Melnichenko
    May 23, 2015
    How to remove the Asus keyboard?

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    How to remove the Asus keyboard?

    There are cases when the skills of dismantling electronic equipment are simply necessary. If, for example, the laptop is broken or some parts in it are malfunctioning, then they can be removed for repair or replacement. The keyboard is not an exception, so let's discuss how to remove the keyboard on the example of the Asus laptop.

    Removing the keyboard

    To work, prepare the following tools and accessories:

    • thermal grease;
    • two screwdrivers;
    • brush;
    • plastic card.


    1. To remove the keyboard, you must first remove the battery and hard drive and unscrew the bolts from the bottom cover of the device. Typically, laptop covers are held on two bolts. When it is removed, you need to unscrew the hard drive, which is fixed with the help of three bolts. Next, pull out the hard drive (hard drive), and for this you need to unscrew all fasteners.
    2. Now you should remove the bottom cover of the laptop. It rests on several bolts in the corners. When this element of external protection is removed, you can begin to remove the keyboard.Disassembled laptop must be turned to its normal position. To remove the keyboard that holds the latch, you need to use a screwdriver, tweezers, or something sharp, to take these latches.
    3. Raising the black latch, disconnect the cable that secures the keyboard to the laptop itself. When the keyboard is completely disconnected, you can continue to analyze the laptop further, unscrewing the remaining bolts and removing all the details gradually.

    After the keyboard, you can remove the drive, then the cooling system. To detach the bottom and top covers of the laptop, you need to use a plastic card - run it along the contour of the entire body.

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