• How to remove traces from the iron? There are several proven methods

    When ironing, many of us often have various troubles. Is there a stain on the iron? Nestrashno, it is fixable with almost all types of tissue, but not in all cases. If the iron left on the clothes only yellow markings, and the fabric remained intact, then such clothes can be tried to recover. But if there is a trace of dark brown color on the clothes, then in this case you should not even try, the fabric is irreversibly damaged.

    There are many popular methods that will help you successfully get out of the situation. So let's try to get rid of stains and scorches by home remedies.

    Carrion formed on linen light things
    It is necessary to soak the spoiled item overnight in a solution of sour milk or kefir and water in a 1: 1 ratio. Next, wash as usual.

    Burrs on cotton fabric
    On this type of fabric must be applied very weak solution of bleach.Just a few drops of bleach solution per 300 grams of water. Wait a few minutes, lightly rub the stain with a soft brush and rinse the treated thing thoroughly.

    Iron marks on viscose fabrics
    On this kind of tissue stains will help to remove ethyl alcohol with various additives (methanol, kerosene, isopropanol, etc.). You can find it in any hardware store. Or try to wipe off stains with ordinary ethyl alcohol, then wash and rinse the thing.

    Underground on white or light blended fabric from cotton and synthetic fibers
    Dampen burns with hydrogen peroxide. The effect of peroxide will increase if you add a couple of drops of ammonia. After processing the stains, you need to hang the thing under direct sunlight before absolute drying.

    Alternative way that is suitable for all types of fabrics
    However, it will be effective only if you had time to apply it immediately after this trouble happened!
    It is necessary to rub the stain with half a head of onions. Do this for a few minutes or until the stain disappears.Then immediately wash the thing well, so as not to leave the onion smell in the fibers of the fabric.

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