• How to remove fat from the back?

    For the most part, women are always concerned about how to remove body fat from the hips, abdomen, buttocks. It seems that everyone has forgotten that such an elegant part of the female body as the back cannot be subject to this scourge. But it can. Simply, probably, it’s easier to see your stomach and hips, but “stocks” can also be deposited on your back. So we decided to talk about how to remove the fat from the back, make the back elegant and sexy, give it a femininity. Want this? Then proceed. First to read, then execute.

    Fighting on the back

    The specific location and distribution of fat on the back somewhat complicates the struggle, but the situation is not hopeless. Everything is possible, everything is real, just follow the basic rules:

    1. systematic implementation of recommendations;
    2. constancy;
    3. integrated approach (use of all funds in the aggregate).

    Probably, you anticipated this, and yes, we will say this: reconsider your diet. No need to sit on a hard diet, it is necessary, in principle, to comply with proper nutrition. We will not go into much detail about this topic, it’s said very well.Want to remove fat from the back? Do not nourish yourself (and therefore your back) with fat; as well as fast foods, semi-finished products, buns, cakes, fried, smoked. After all, there is so much tasty and healthy food! Look!

    Enroll in the pool, this is an excellent means to fight fat (and anywhere). When you swim, water puts pressure on the entire body, producing a kind of massage. In addition, you move, strain your muscles. Just registering in the pool, do not lie on the back of the star, it certainly does not help. Swim constantly, take turns at a depth that hides your back. If you can not organize yourself - your option is aqua aerobics with a trainer. You will be shown exercises on land, you will "dance" in the water. This approach is very effective.

    Go to the main thing - exercise. Special exercises aimed specifically at this area will help to remove fat from the back.

    1. All known "kitty". We get up on all fours and make movements, as if we crawl under the fence. The fence is low, very low. Maximum sag, create tension in the back. And you will also have to climb back, bend in the opposite direction. Make a 20 "walker under the fence" and back.
    2. Sit on the floor on the ass. The legs are straight, hands resting on the floor behind. Lift the buttocks, resting only on the heels of the legs and arms. At the same time, tilt back (only gently, gently) the head back. Slightly linger in this position (seconds 5), return to the previous position. Repeat 10-15 times.
    3. Sit on a chair, tilt your body 45 degrees. In the hands of dumbbells. Raise your arms with dumbbells up to the sides, bending them in the elbows. Aim to reduce the shoulder blades. Repeat 10 times. If it is hard, start with a smaller amount, but gradually increase repetitions.
    4. "Boat". Lie on your stomach on the floor. Hands extended forward. Raise your straight (!) Legs and arms with your upper body (as far as you can), linger for 10 seconds. Relax. Repeat 10 times.
    5. Turns. Stand with your back to the wall, not very close, doing the exercise, you will determine the desired distance. Turn to the wall, fix the position, putting both palms on the wall (at first it may not work, aspire). Important: only the upper body turns, then there will be a load on the back; the pelvis is motionless. Also the other way. After a delay of a few seconds against the wall, check whether you are in the correct position (whether the pelvis is turned). Repeat 15 times in each direction.

    The number of repetitions can be gradually increased.Want to get rid of fat on the back? Then do these exercises at least 5 times a week.

    Massage will help to remove fat from the back. Sign up for a massage aimed specifically at fighting sediment, check with a specialist, state your goals. It is good to carry out massages with creams aimed at combating fat. There is no opportunity to sign up to a specialist? Ask a friend, mother, friend, in general, anyone who can “intensively” gently enough your back. You can use vacuum banks for massage. Massage technique - kneading, tingling, heavy movements, as if you are accelerating fat (this is for your masseuse).

    Cosmetics. Various tightening, anti-cellulite (as a rule, they are with the effect of "burning fat") creams, gels will help remove fat from the back (of course, only in conjunction with other methods). Wraps (in the cabin, but no worse than you can do at home).

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