• How to remove a voice from a song?

    Irina Fateeva
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    How to remove a voice from a song?

    Do you want to sing karaoke or just need a phonogram, you can not do without a backing track. There are several ways through which you can "throw out" the words from the song, and leave only the music. The answer to the question of how to remove the voice from the song.

    1. Use the equalizer. Try to get rid of the range in which the voice is located. Unfortunately, this method significantly degrades the quality of music. After all, with the removal of the frequency in which the voice is located, those additional sounds and instruments that coexist with them on the same frequency are also wiped out. For example, bass (guitar, barrel). The output music will be pretty bland and hardly suitable if you need high-quality sound.
    2. Use this method - to remove the voice online, for example, on the site. Download the program will not have, and save time. To get started, select the song you want in good quality. Download it in the box labeled "file". Click on �review� and select a file from the list. Next, click on the "download" icon. Now the program will do everything for you.You can remove the voice in the dialog box, further specifying what should be left: drums, guitar or bass. Check the box in the blank box. If no effects are needed in the backing track, just leave it blank. After that, the program will give you the result.
    3. Download a special plugin, such as Elevayta Extra Boy Pro and Adobe Audition. How to remove a voice from a song with their help? We'll have to work a little to install the program correctly on the computer. To begin with, a new folder is created on drive C in Program Files / Adobe / Adobe Audition. Install a plugin in it to remove vocals. Then you need to open Adobe Audition, select the �effects� function in the program window and �add� the folder with the installed Boy Pro. We can proceed to the processing of the song. The sequence of actions is the same as in the case of online programs. Download the desired track and press the "Play" button. Conveniently, with the help of a special field, you can choose several options for deleting a voice. As a result, we get the music without vocals.

    How to remove the voice from the song, now you decide. Nevertheless, there are no fully qualitative methods for erasing the voice for professional sound. Since it is not completely removed or only solo is extracted, additional background sounds remain. Independent ways are suitable for those who are not tied to the ideal result.

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