• How to remove a cold

    You will need
    • 1) Black radish, horseradish, honey, salt, decoction of linden flowers.
    • 2) Aloe, Kalanchoe.
    • 3) Mineral water, Calendula or Eucalyptus tincture.
    • 4) Mustard.
    • 5) Gauze, alcohol solution of capsicum, socks.
    • 6) Essential oil of fir and eucalyptus.
    In order to cure a runny nose, you need to thoroughly sweat in the Russian bath. Grate a small amount of black radish, add the same amount of grated horseradish. Put also a small amount of honey and salt, mix well. The resulting mixture, rub the area of ​​the sacrum and fun in the bath. Good sweating, coming out of the bath, drink 2-3 cups of decoction of chamomile flowers or linden, mixed with the juice of sour berries (cranberries, currants).
    With a cold, drip 3-5 drops of aloe into each nasal passage. Throw back your head and massage the wings of the nose. The same can be done with Kalanchoe juice, perhaps strong sneezing.
    At the very beginning of a runny nose, flush your nose with non-carbonated mineral water every 30 minutes with a syringe.In case of chronic rhinitis, you should rinse your nose with a little salted water with tincture of eucalyptus or calendula (1 tsp. Per 0.5 liters of water) twice a day.
    If you have a stuffy nose and a sore throat, it's time to start treatment. To start effective hot foot baths with the addition of mustard (2 tablespoons. L on the basin). You need to steam your feet for 10 minutes, wear warm socks, and then drink an infusion of lime blossom or tea with lemon. Wear socks for the night, after pouring mustard into them.
    In case of a cold, wrap the feet with gauze dipped in an alcohol solution of cayenne pepper. Put plastic bags and wool socks on top, preferably go to bed.
    Essential oils of fir and eucalyptus are excellent fight with a cold. They will help reduce the secretion of mucus from the nose, will have a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect and facilitate breathing. You can make inhalation with essential oils. To do this, boil a small amount of water in a saucepan and add 3-5 drops of fir or eucalyptus oil. Cover yourself with a towel and inhale steam through your nose. At night, you can light an aroma lamp with essential oils.
    Helpful advice
    Do not forget to use nasal drops, which will help to remove the swelling of the nasal mucosa.

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