• How to remake rear brakes

    You will need
    • - A set of rear brake discs;
    • - reinforced brake hoses;
    • - brake pads;
    • - calipers;
    • - a set of keys and screwdrivers;
    • - brake fluid.
    First, prepare your car by lifting the backside with a jack and removing the wheels. Next, remove the brake drums, hubs, brake pads and parking brake cable. After that, disconnect the rubber brake hose from the hydraulic cylinder.
    After removing the old brake system, take the rear brake disc and put it on the rear hub seat. Next, press in the wheel studs and tighten the wheel nuts. Make sure that he finally sat on the seat, otherwise the troubles can not be avoided.
    When finished with the disc, begin to install the caliper. Instead of a drum cover, install it with a seat at the end of the beam. After insert the axle shaft and bolt everything. Installing caliper bracket, pay attention to the fact that she did not touch the brake disc. Insert the brake pads into the bracket. If possible, purchase brake pads of the same brand as the brake discs. Each company - manufacturer, producing discs, pushes them to fit, taking into account various parameters, such as size.
    After the brake pads, connect the reinforced brake hose, which is then connected to the metal tube. Make the connection using a special bolt-fitting.

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