• How to register in the Play Market?

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    How to register in the Play Market?

    Google Play Market is an online store where you can buy and download for free numerous interesting and useful applications for Android. But for this, one single condition must be met: you must be registered there.

    The following describes the registration process in the Play Market.

    Register on the Play Market

    If you already have an email account in Gmail, you don�t need to do anything special: just enter your username and password in the Play Market. If you do not have a mailbox, then step-by-step instructions on how to register in the Play Market will not hurt you.

    1. To do this, you will need to open and select the "New Account" item.
    2. Enter your first and last name (you can specify both real and fictitious) and click "Next."
    3. Then you will need to come up with a name for your mailbox (or choose from automatically generated options). Having done this, click "Next."
    4. Create a password for your account, enter it, and also choose a secret question in case you suddenly forget the password and want to restore it.As usual, click "Next" to continue.
    5. After that, Google Play will offer you to create your own account on the social network Google+. You can either agree to this or refuse, in any case it will not affect the further use of the service. After making your selection, click "Next."
    6. Decide whether you want to receive newsletters from Google or not. After marking this, click "Next" again.
    7. The final stage of registration is the introduction of a captcha (the so-called verification code). Enter it, and then, if you wish, add your credit card details (this will allow you to make purchases in the service). However, you can skip this step and snap the card later.

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