• How to reduce desktop icons?

    Andrey Semykin
    Andrey Semykin
    August 16, 2012
    How to reduce desktop icons?

    Strictly speaking, this rather popular question should be formulated differently: not how to reduce desktop icons, but how to increase the resolution of the computer screen. After all, the icon is a small graphic file with a specified number of pixels or dots. The higher the screen resolution or the number of dots per inch, the less space on the screen the icon will occupy - because it has a fixed number of pixels.

    So, how to increase the screen resolution?

    • Right click on the desktop.
    • In the context menu that appears, we are interested in the last item - Properties (Properties in the English version).
    • You will see several tabs on which you can select a desktop background image, set a screensaver and set parameters for it, set the appearance of windows and buttons, set the font size (sometimes as you increase the resolution, you have to increase the font size so that the labels read better).
    • We are interested in the last tab - Settings.On this tab there is a "slider" that allows you to change the screen resolution. The minimum and maximum screen resolutions depend on the video card and the installed drivers. You can choose the resolution within the specified limits to your liking.
    • After changing the permission, click the "Apply" button. You will see the image on the screen already with the new resolution. In addition, in a special window, the question of whether new screen settings suit you is highlighted. You have 15 seconds. for reflection - you can save the new parameters or return to the old ones, after this time the new parameters will be saved.

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