• How to recover information after formatting

    You will need
    • - a computer;
    • - Recuva program;
    • - flash drive.
    In some cases, it is possible to recover deleted information using special programs. There are several utilities that provide such features. For this you will need the Recuva program. Download on sitewww.piriform.com/recuva. In the free version of Recuva, a wizard appears at startup that helps to recover deletedinformation. On the first page, choose the type of information you need to recover. This program allows you to recover maximum information on your computer.
    On the next page, specify the medium on which you want to search for lost information. In the next window, you can enable “in-depth analysis” if nothing was found during the first search.
    AfterSearch you will be shown a list of detected files.Each file is marked with a circle of a certain color, which shows the status of the found file. Green color indicates a good state of the file, yellow - the file is damaged, but it is possible to restore it, red - the file cannot be restored.
    In this list you need to tick the files that you need. Next, click on the "Restore" tab. A window will appear in the program in which you need to specify the folder where you want to save all the files.

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