• How to return income tax?

    Any taxpayer has the right to receive income tax deductions in three categories:

    • property purchase
    • for education,
    • for treatment.

    How to return the income tax for an apartment

    In order to return the income tax for an apartment, it is necessary to submit a statement to the tax inspectorate (IFTS) with the following documents attached:

    • certificate of registration of ownership of the property (house, apartment, room)
    • contract of sale,
    • record of acceptance,
    • loan agreement (if there was a mortgage loan),
    • a receipt in any form from the seller (preferably certified by a notary), in which all the data of the seller are recorded, the amount of the sale of the property in rubles.
    • for non-cash payment for an apartment you need to submit payment documents,
    • Help 2-NDFL with a job.

    Based on these documents, the tax inspectorate will submit a certificate stating that this tax deduction is due. Then this certificate is required to be transferred to the accounting department at the place of work, where, on the basis of this certificate, they will stop calculating income tax, i.e.You will receive full wages.

    Is it possible to return the income tax for an old apartment

    If the housing is purchased for a long time, but there are supporting documents, then the deductions will be provided from the time of treatment. For an apartment or a house purchased in the property before 01/01/08, the deduction amount will be 13% of 1,000,000 rubles, if the apartment was acquired after 01/01/08, the deduction amount will be 13% of 2,000,000 rubles.

    How is the tax deduction

    You should know that a tax deduction is made only from your taxable income. If the income was 1,000,000, and taxes are paid from 600,000 rubles, then the tax refund will be 78,000 rubles. If during the year the refund of the required amount has not occurred, then the refund moves to the next year, maybe until the end of life, until the entire required amount is fully refunded (maximum 260,000 rubles).

    Buying an apartment instead of sold

    The second option to return income tax may be buying a new apartment or house to replace the apartment sold during the calendar year. If you, for example, sold an apartment for 2,000,000 rubles, which has been your property for less than three years, the income tax payment will then be 130,000 rubles, which is 13% of the amount exceeding 1,000,000 rubles.And this amount will be offset by the purchased apartment sold. This opportunity homeowner can use only once in a lifetime.

    If the property is acquired in the share ownership, then each owner has the right to his own deduction from income tax.

    Tax deduction for new construction

    Make a property deduction and new construction. These include the following expenses:

    • to obtain design estimates,
    • for the purchase of building and finishing materials,
    • on finishing, completion, connection to all networks of improvement,
    • on the acquisition of rights to a house or apartment.

    Property deduction also applies to the cost of a mortgage loan. Return by law can be 13% of the total amount of the mortgage, you only need to submit all payment documents.

    How to return income tax tuition

    The taxpayer may also declare the right to refund part of the cost of education:

    • taxpayer students themselves,
    • for students in full-time under 24 years.
    • for the education of persons under 18, as well as if they continue to pay for education up to 24 years for the former guardians.

    The amount of deduction should not exceed 50,000 rubles per year for each child in the amount of actual expenses, not more than 120,000 rubles for themselves.

    To refund tuition fees (if the payment was not from maternity capital), you must submit:

    • statement,
    • actual expenditure documents.
    • a copy of the child�s birth certificate, if all documents are submitted for it,
    • copy of educational institution license.

    How to recover income tax for treatment

    For treatment, you can return income tax if your treatment was paid. Also, income tax will be deducted during the treatment of a spouse, children under 18 years old, their parents, when purchasing medicines prescribed by the attending physician, according to the list of medicines approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. If your relatives are being treated, then the supporting documents must be in your name. However, this deduction can not be more than 120 000 rubles.

    With a positive decision of the Inspectorate of Tax Inspection, income tax return is made in the following ways:

    • transferring the refund amount to the applicant's bank account, when returning for the previous year,
    • compensation of income tax amounts at the place of work.

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