• How to recover after a workout?

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    How to recover after a workout?

    Athletes are well aware that it is important not only to comply with the training regime, but also to recover properly after them. This article will tell you how to quickly recover from a workout.


    Nutrition for the health of the body is always an important element, but this fact is especially important for nutrition after exercise. First, it is very important to have time to eat within 60 minutes after the end of the workout. Secondly, the food should be rich in protein and complex carbohydrates - buckwheat, vegetables, bread, chicken, fish, cottage cheese, bananas, etc. Not bad to take special sports supplements.


    Sleep is also an essential element of recovery after exercise, in addition, muscles in a dream not only recover, but also grow. Sleep after workouts should last at least 8 hours.


    Stretching the muscles is necessary not only before and during training, but also after. Stretching should be given 10-15 minutes after a workout, every muscle should be carefully stretched.


    Special restorative massage is also an excellent muscle recovery practice. Of course, there is little sense from independent massage, because the body must be relaxed during the massage, and therefore it is better to turn to a professional.

    Cold and hot shower

    Contrast douche helps to recover faster, reduce muscle soreness and bring them into tone. It is best to take such a shower immediately after a workout, but if it is not possible to do it in the gym, be sure to perform the procedure upon returning home.

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