• How to recover the policy?

    The policy of compulsory medical insurance is a document that you must have with you at all times. After all, it is he, in which case, guarantees a person the possibility of receiving free medical care, in whatever part of the Russian Federation he is not.

    Documents to restore the policy

    To restore a medical insurance policy, you may need:

    • passport to confirm the place of registration. In the absence of a permanent residence permit, a certificate of temporary registration will be required;
    • for foreign nationals, a residence permit is required;
    • Some insurance companies may ask for proof of compulsory pension insurance;
    • statement of loss of the policy;
    • the amount of money equal to 0.1 of the minimum wage, as compensation for issuing a new document.

    Documents to restore the policy on the child

    When restoring a lost policy for a child, insurance company experts will clarify the issue of citizenship and registration of both parents. You will be asked to present:

    • birth certificate of the child;
    • Your passport, (as a parent, provided that you are entered on the birth certificate of the child);
    • Some insurance companies will require a child's insurance certificate;
    • certificate of registration of the child, which can be taken from the house management.

    So, let's see where to recover the policy, if it was lost, or stolen. If you have suffered such a nuisance, the first thing to do is to inform the company in which you are insured. Regardless of whether a person works or is unemployed, he himself has the right to choose an insurance company, and to apply for a medical policy in person. Therefore, when deciding how to restore a medical insurance policy, you will also have to contact the insurance company yourself. You can declare the loss of your document verbally, when you come directly to the office, or in writing, by filling out an application. In this case, the lost policy is immediately annulled. And you will be issued a temporary, until the company's specialists issue a permanent one. This can take from one month to three.

    How to restore the policy if it expired

    Some still do not know that in the Russian Federation the issuance of policies of the new sample, which is indefinite. Its advantages are that it requires a replacement when he leaves his job, or when he changes his place of residence.

    Also an innovation in this area is a universal electronic card, which for residents of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, will replace some social cards: insurance certificate of mandatory pension insurance, OMS policy, and a payment bank card. Additionally, it is possible to connect to the map of regional applications. For example, school, transport, etc.

    The order of issue, and the timing of issuing cards is determined in each subject of the Russian Federation separately. Any citizen has the right to refuse to use such an electronic card, and even after receiving it. Conversely, a citizen can receive a UEC, even after an official refusal.

    Under the new legislation, all old-style OMS paper policies will remain valid until the beginning of 2014. Therefore, until January 1, 2014, you can not worry about how to restore the old-style insurance policy if the validity period specified in it has expired.That is, before replacing your old policy with a uniform sample policy or a universal electronic card, as before, you can receive free medical care at Russian hospitals and clinics. No mark on the renewal of the document is required. It should be noted that there is no urgency in resolving the issue of replacing the old policy with a new policy of a single model or a universal electronic card, however, it is worth considering this now.

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