• How to read poetry?

    Anna Kitaychik
    Anna Kitaychik
    January 13, 2015
    How to read poetry?

    One of the useful skills for each child is the ability to read a verse beautifully. Without this, it is hardly possible to get the main role at the matinee or earn a good grade in school. Therefore, it is very important to tell the child how to read poems correctly.

    Here are some rules you should follow to master this skill:


    • Before reading, it is worthwhile to do a small articulation gymnastics. It will help develop and prepare speech apparatus. Exercises such as “Pendulum” (stick out your tongue and move it left and right), “Frog” (make a wide smile with clenched teeth and hold it for about 10 seconds, repeat 2 - 3 times), “Bud” (pull out lips in a tubule).
    • Try to cope with excitement. A trembling voice and lack of confidence will hardly beautify your performance.
    • Reading the verse, you need to understand and feel its essence. In this way, it’s as if you yourself will experience the emotions that the author wanted to convey in his work.

    Speed ​​and intonation

    • Do not hurry.Make logical pauses while reading, this will make the speech more expressive and accessible.
    • To correctly make a logical stop will help punctuation. They will also indicate which intonation is necessary in the sentence. Remember that a period means a long pause, a comma a short one, and question marks and exclamations - an increase in intonation in the voice.
    • Pay attention to the diction. Every word should be pronounced clearly, correctly and beautifully. Some words intonation should be combined into phrases, so it will sound more gently and smoothly.
    • If you need to learn a verse by heart, do it right away with the right intonation and tempo. You can read about how to learn a poem in the article: How to learn a poem quickly.
    • Memorizing a verse is best in front of the mirror, so you can control your facial expressions and, if necessary, add a little gesticulation.

    Remember that reading poems is an art, and they need to master first.

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