• How to read books on the iPad?

    By default, the iPad cannot read books, for this it is necessary to install a program that will open one or another format of books.

    Formats are different: FB2, EPUB, PDF, DJVU, TXT, DOC, CHM, and programs for them are appropriate. For example, to read FB2 on an iPad, you need to install a ShortBook. IBooks is suitable for EPUB, and Good Reader is well-received by books in TXT. I offer you a list of formats and the best programs that open them:

    • DJVU: Stanza;
    • EPUB: Good Reader, iBooks, Stanza;
    • FB2: ShortBook;
    • PDF: iBooks, Good Reader, PDF Comrade;
    • TXT: Good Reader.

    Books in CHM, DOC and TXT formats are best converted to EPUB, FB2 or PDF formats. For convenience, install the ShortBook and choose between Good Reader and iBooks.

    How to download books on the iPad

    Consider two ways. The first is suitable for most programs, the second - for iBooks.

    How to download books for most programs

    First you need to download from the App Store a program for reading books on your iPad, after learning about the formats it opens (see above), and install iTunes on your computer.

    Then you need to look for a book in a suitable format (via a computer, of course). If not, convert the file on the Internet or using a program (for example, via Caliber). Stop on how to download a book, we will not, this has already been written earlier.

    After downloading the book, connect your iPad to your computer via USB and launch iTunes.Log inin “iPad” → “Programs”and scroll down to the "Shared Files" header. Under the list, select the desired program, and at the bottom right, add a book of only the appropriate format (otherwise iTunes will show an error).

    How to download books on iBooks

    How to read books on iBooks on iPad? The fastest option is to find an electronic library and from there directly download the books in EPUB or PDF format directly in the gadget itself. You can simply save, and you can immediately open the book in iBooks.

    Books in DJVU and PDF

    Typically, books for the iPad swing in the formats EPUB and FB2, so the popularity of iBooks and ShortBook is understandable. But if the book is in a different format, some users fall into a stupor and do not know how to read DJVU or PDF on the iPad.

    The first option is to convert one format to another. But since DJVU, for example, displays graphics better than other formats, this is not always good.

    The second option is to download the appropriate program. Fortunately, there is Stanza, reading DJVU and EPUB. How to read books on iPad in PDF format? Especially for him developed a simple and convenient program PDF Comrade - just right for magazines. It can be replaced by iBooks (EPUB and PDF) and Good Reader (EPUB, PDF and TXT) - these programs are more suitable for those who read often and much.

    Start with free software (iBooks, PDF Comrade, Stanza).If they do not justify your goals, install paid (Good Reader, ShortBook).If with freeyou get along fine, there’s no need to pay extra money - all the above programs are very convenient.

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