• How to raise the suspension?

    Evgenia Zimnyakova
    Evgenia Zimnyakova
    January 25, 2013
    How to raise the suspension?

    The average ground clearance of the car whether it is a hatchback, sedan, station wagon or coupe is 14-15 centimeters. In most cases, this is quite enough if you have a fully functional car suspension, which, considering our roads and difficult operating conditions, is quite rare. Therefore, many are beginning to think about how to raise the suspension of the car above the road, thereby increasing ground clearance.

    Front suspension

    The front suspension of a modern car is most often a McPherson type suspension. That is, we have the upper rack mounting cup, which in turn is attached to the body, and the lower arm. Depreciation rack is a complete assembly, combined with a spring. And many are interested in how to raise the front suspension in a similar rack design? Due to the spacer on the mounting plate, replacing native stud mounting rack longer. The spacer is made of metal.The thickness of the spacers will depend on how much you want to raise the car. The shape of the spacer will be the same as the top cup. This is either an oval shape for two pins, or a triangular for three pins, or a square if four. The length of the studs will also depend on the thickness of the spacer. As a more simplified version of such a spacer, you can use separate spacers for each stud. If, for example, you have a double-lever suspension and a shock absorber is used instead of a rack, then special U-shaped spacers are made under the shock absorber lower eyelet. As a result of all the manipulations, the front of your car can noticeably rise above the road. The center of gravity will also rise, which may adversely affect the car’s handling. The car becomes more roll in corners. But on the other hand, the possibility of fearlessly and that the most important thing is safe to pass deeper or higher obstacles. For someone it is more important than the speed of the turn.

    Rear suspension

    How to raise the rear suspension? This can be done in a similar way with the only difference that you need to take into account the thickness of the spacers relative to the front suspension.Not only that there should be a middle ground in terms of the aesthetics of the appearance of the car. When there is a harmony of height. So also the increase in the height of the ground clearance of the rear end further affects the handling and safety. Due to the very large disproportionate lift height, the front suspension castor is shifted. Castor is the angle of the front pillar relative to the vertical and relative to the front and rear of the car. A strong displacement of the castor forward impairs the handling and maneuverability of the car.

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