• How to quickly pump up your hands?

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    How to quickly pump up your hands?

    Dumbbells - this is an excellent tool with which you can pump a truly "iron" hands. Of course, dumbbells alone are not enough, but they can be very effective in all sorts of training. Detailed information can be found in the article How to quickly build muscle. And in this article we will talk about how you can quickly pump up your hands with dumbbells.

    How to quickly pump up your hands with dumbbells

    Dumbbells allow you to vary various exercises, and with them you can train both alternately and with two at the same time. First of all, you should think about security. After all, even when training with light dumbbells, muscle breakage is possible. Therefore, it is worthwhile to read the article How to properly build up the muscles of the arms.

    Exercising your hands with dumbbells has some drawbacks: dumbbells do not allow you to give a concentrated load separately to the outer or inner biceps.pump up armsTherefore, it is very important to make a competent training schedule, where emphasis will be placed on pumping the weakest parts of the arms.

    Exercises for biceps

    1. Bending arms with a barbell.To perform the exercise is required to apply a narrow grip. Both biceps heads and brachialis can be loaded.
    2. Alternate lifting of dumbbells for biceps. This is an effective exercise for gaining muscle mass.
    3. Concentrated biceps lifting with dumbbells. Exercise for inflating the middle and bottom of the biceps.

    Exercises for triceps

    1. Arm extension on the block. Used neutral grip. All are loadedpump up arms3 triceps bundles. It requires a special simulator with the upper unit.
    2. Extending your arms over your head with dumbbells. When performing a neutral grip is used. The triceps is stretched at the lowest point, making the exercise more effective.
    3. Arm extension in the slope with dumbbells. This is an effective exercise that will help further strengthen the triceps.

    Build weekly training plans

    Consider the three most effective training options:

    1. Biceps can be rocked with the back, and triceps - with the pectoral muscles. During a back workout, a good load for the biceps is provided. The same applies to the pectoral muscles and the triceps.
    2. Triceps can be rocked with the back, and biceps - with the pectoral muscles.This will help impart a varying load for the biceps. At the same time it is possible to lift heavier weight.
    3. Do some hands training on a particular day. Biceps and triceps can be trained in one lesson.

    Optimal Diet

    In order to quickly build up the muscles of the arms, you should both exercise well and eat right:

    1. It is necessary to consume about 15% more calories than to spend. This is due to the expenditure of energy on muscle synthesis. It should be noted that the male body synthesizes a maximum of 3 kg of muscularpump up armsmasses per month. The optimal weight gain rate is 3-4 kg per month.
    2. Eating large amounts of protein. Protein is one of the key "building materials" for the human body. In order to ensure muscle growth, you should consume 1.5–2 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight per day.
    3. Eating immediately after exercise. The sooner you eat after a workout, the better.
    4. Frequent meals. It is recommended to eat 4 times a day. The less a person will eat, the more fat will accumulate in the body.
    5. The same amount of calories daily. Compliance with this rule is very important. You need to eat the same way on days without workouts, and on days with workouts, because the body needs proteins, carbohydrates and even fats.

    Features recovery after workouts

    Recovery after workouts lasts quite a long time. If the training was intense, then the muscles are in a state of subcompensation, i.e. their size is reduced in comparison with that which was before classes. The body needs to overcompensate the muscles - make them more than before training.

    In accordance with the depth of muscle subcompensation, recovery can lastpump up armsfew weeks. The best is a short, but intense training. Work should be at its maximum capacity.

    Such training is very important because it provides an adaptive response in the muscle. In order for the growth of muscles not to stop, the intensity of the loads must be constantly increased.

    In conclusion, it should be noted that for muscles it is necessary to conduct regular exercises with high intensity and eat right. If necessary, on the Internet you can find a lot of videos about how to quickly pump up your hands.

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