• How to quickly grow bangs?

    Every girl wants to have luxurious and well-groomed hair. Unfortunately, different experiments do not always affect the appearance in the best way. Especially such a radical measure as hair cutting. The young ladies who cut their bangs and want to grow it back are concerned with the only question of how to grow bangs very quickly. Bangs are not suitable for everyone and sometimes it looks quite comical, in addition, it is difficult to lay or hide an objectionable bang. Let's talk about how to quickly grow bangs and give your hair a well-groomed look.

    The most common ways in which you can quickly grow bangs:

    • Daily enhanced scalp massage.
    • Professional cosmetics.
    • Folk recipes.

    Each girl independently chooses a method suitable for her case. Consider the most effective methods to help grow bangs.

    • One of the most effective means is red pepper. Naturally, do not rub pepper right into your head. Apply pepper is necessary in the form of a mask or tonic, using alcohol tincture of this plant. The mask recipe is very simple, it is not difficult to cook it at home.Depending on the length of the bangs, mix the alcohol tincture with water, then add burdock or castor oil with any hair balm. The amount of oil and balm should be two times less than alcohol tincture and water.
    • The miraculous method of massage of the head must be supplemented by the use of means that promote the acceleration of hair growth (sprays, balms, oils, tinctures). Massage should be carried out daily. You only need to massage the area on which the bangs grow. Massage can be done with a special massager, fingertips or a comb. When using other items, make sure that they are made from natural materials.
    • In order to quickly grow bangs, you need to change the methods of care for their hair. There are tools that are designed specifically to enhance hair growth. Such a tool can be a shampoo, a mask for rapid hair growth, a balm, and a special serum. There are professional tools that besides beauty salons it is not difficult to use at home.
    • If we talk about serum-activator of growth, it is an expensive pleasure.However, if you use this tool only for growing bangs, then it will need very little. Before you buy the serum in ampoules, ask the seller whether this product is suitable for your hair type.
    • In order to ensure the hair fast growth, they need to be protected from harmful external influences. For this there are special tools. Unprotected hair will quickly lose moisture and their growth will slow.
    • How to quickly grow bangs? Provide your hair with vitamins! Vitamin complex for hair can be purchased at almost every pharmacy. Change your diet. To enhance hair growth, products rich in zinc, calcium, copper, and sulfur are needed. Vitamins A, E, C, H, B6, B12 promote hair growth. High levels of vitamin A can be found in carrots, fish liver, eggs. Vitamin C is rich in sauerkraut, bell pepper, citrus fruits. Vitamin E is found in unrefined vegetable oil, and H is found in rice, oatmeal, and brewer's yeast.

    If you have the opportunity, consult a specialized trichologist. He will tell you in detail about how to quickly grow bangs and prescribe cosmetic procedures suitable for your hair type.

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