• How to put the outlet?

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    How to put the outlet?

    Electrical work is a serious matter. To produce them must be an expert. But minor work under the force of any man who is familiar with the tools and has an idea of how and at what height to put sockets. Immediately make a reservation that any connection to the electrical network of the apartment or repair requires compliance with one rule - disconnect the supply network from the power source. This is usually done in a switchboard that is installed at the entrance.

    So, go directly to the question of how to put the outlet. We offer a detailed scheme of work.

    1. First of all, it is necessary to check whether there is electricity in the outlet (do not hope that the machine is turned off in the electrical panel). This can be done very simply. For example, plug the charger from the mobile phone into the outlet and connect it to the phone. You can connect a desk lamp.
    2. Remove the top outlet cover. Loosen the mounting feet, pull out the working part and disconnect the wiring from the terminals.
    3. Look at the state of the background. If it suits you, then just clean the nest. If not, change it to a new one. Install a new podrozetnik not difficult. It can be fixed with plaster mortar or with a self-tapping screw through the mounting through hole in the back wall of the device.
    4. Be sure to strip the sticking wires.
    5. Now remove the cover from the new socket, connect the working part to the wires, install it in the socket by tightening the mounting tabs. Please note that the working part must fit into the socket without distortions.
    6. Now you can install the cover, turn on the machine in the dashboard and check whether the socket is working or not.

    What sockets to put and where

    If your apartment is located in an old house, then usually two ends of the electric wire stick out of the walls. So you can safely take the above connection scheme as a basis. If the house is new, then three wires can stick out of the socket: zero (blue or black braid), phase (brown, red, white) andWhat sockets to put and wheregrounding (usually yellow-green). So, the first two wires are connected to the terminals, and the ground wire to a special terminal, which is located in the center of the outlet.It still has two antennae, which are included in the housing outlet.

    Installation of a double outlet is made in the same way. It is very important to connect the ends of the wires. This device has two different conductive plates. So, you can not make a mistake when connecting, a non-specialist can connect the two ends to one plate. The result is a short circuit.

    Useful tips

    • There are two options for how to connect the wires to the outlet terminals. First, simply insert the stripped end under the terminal plate. Second -Power socketmake a ring and wrap a clamping screw with it by inserting the wire under the plate. The second option is more reliable.
    • To clean the ends, too, must be able to. Well, if you have available a special tool for stripping. If not, you can use a knife and pliers. Please note that the single-core wire must be cleaned with a knife, arcing the braid over the entire diameter. Stranded cut in a circle at the required length, then pliers with a metal filling.

    As you can see, nothing complicated. Now you can safely take a screwdriver and go to install the outlet yourself.

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