• How to put the turbine?

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    How to put the turbine?

    All people are different, there are those who are happy to acquire a new car, not dreaming of a better one, but there are others who for some reason are not satisfied with the ideas of designers and developers. To the aid of the latter just comes tuning. First of all, motorists seek to improve their car not in terms of appearance, but in terms of technical characteristics. In particular, every second person thinks about how to put a turbine and increase the power of his iron horse at times.

    How to install a turbine yourself

    The turbine itself is a mechanism that delivers a significant amount of air into the engine's cylinders, converting the exhaust gases into energy. If you decide to bring the car "to the mind" on your own, then be prepared for painstaking and unhurried work, the slightest mistake, and you will have to change the entire engine.

    So, first make sure that everything is in order with the turbine. It should be clean, free of debris and other dirt. It is especially important to check the oil supply channel, because it will force the turbine to work at full capacity. Choose reinforced hoses and tubes from steel only.

    If your car is equipped with an atmospheric engine, then to achieve the greatest effect you will need to fix the turbine with triple locks in the location of the oil sensors. Otherwise, there will be a constant decrease in pressure, which will lead to a breakdown of the motor and its costly replacement.

    Also it will be important to change all the oil in advance and clean the filters - oil and air. And then, after installing the turbine, drive this oil through the equipment under pressure. Ensure that the feed holes are located at the top and stop the procedure when oil flows from the drain hole.

    So, now you can start the engine, it is better to start the starter by disconnecting all the wires under high voltage to drive the oil through the entire highway. Then put the wires back in place and “drive” the engine for about ten minutes at idle, warm up several times to the normal operating temperature of the car and cool it.

    Is the turbine installed correctly

    If everything is done correctly, then after this, as it is customary to say now, your iron Mustang will upgrade to power up to thirty to forty percent.And if at the same time you replace the spark plugs, injectors and the fuel pump, you can safely add to the total another five percent.

    In fact, of course, installing a turbine is not as easy as it seems. If you are not sure that you have enough skills and experience, it is better to give the car in the hands of professionals in the auto repair shop or auto studio with a specialization in tuning. Otherwise, the correction of errors can fly you a pretty penny. Visual aids will be a video on the Internet.

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