• How to post a picture?

    Now it is very easy to share pictures, exposing them for public viewing on the Internet. The Internet saves time by sending photos and images by email. By copying the link on the Internet resource, you can easily share it with friends. The article talks about how and on what resources you can put pictures.

    On the Internet, you can upload a picture using the following services:

    • photohosting;
    • forums;
    • social networks;
    • Yandeks.Kartinki;
    • photobanks.


    Photohosting is a kind of photo repositories that allow you to upload a large number of photos and show them to your friends and family. Among the many photo hosting sites there are:


    Photofile is a service for storing and displaying photos. Among the advantages are:

    • 4 interface languages;
    • free storage of an unlimited number of shots;
    • the ability to upload in one session up to 10 photos;
    • storing images in a ZIP archive;
    • albums can be closed for viewing and discussion;
    • free access to links to external sites;
    • availability of photo editor.

    You can add photos on the site.


    Flickr is one of the largest photo hosting sites in the world. The advantages of this photo hosting site include a large number of tools for working with photos, namely:

    • RSS feeds;
    • commenting system;
    • different communities;
    • the ability to sort pictures by folders and by camera models.

    The disadvantages are:

    • limited number of exhibited images (100 per month);
    • placement of a small number of references to external sources (10);
    • uploaded photo size up to 5 MB.

    For an additional fee, you can expand the capabilities of your account. Share pictures on the site.


    Picasa Web - photohosting owned by Google and significantly different from other options.


    • upload images up to 20 MB;
    • the ability to view images not only registered users;
    • You can upload up to 5 pictures at a time;
    • the program recognizes identical elements in pictures and asks to name them (for example, the face of the same person);


    • in free mode, you can upload pictures, with a total volume of 1 GB;
    • high cost of annual subscription (up to $ 500).

    You can add photos on the site.

    Links from photo hosting sites can be placed on forums, blogs and social networks, as well as sent by e-mail or sms-message.


    Forums (on phpBB) allow you to share your photos, get comments and tips from users. Examples of forums can be and in which not only you can display your photos, but also participate in the discussion of various issues on photography.

    Social networks

    Social networks such as Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki allow you to share your pictures with friends and acquaintances. The only thing is the insecurity of images that almost any visitor can copy to his computer. In order to post a picture, you must have a registered account.


    If you want to post a picture on Yandex, you must first register in this system. The system allows the following:

    • upload pictures of different formats;
    • add tags and titles;
    • regulate access to pictures and folders;
    • upload photos from any devices using special programs.


    If you want to not only show off your pictures, but also earn some more money on them,You can use the services of photobanks (special services that help photographers exhibit, and publishers or advertising agencies can safely acquire the pictures they like.). An example of such a service can serve.

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