• How to play Garena in Dota?

    Garena client is an indispensable program for a person playing DotA. True, some do not know how to play in Garina in DotA and cannot enjoy all the benefits that it gives. Garena is a game program that can organize group battles in Warcraft, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Dawn of Starcraft, Quake, and many more similar games. When playing through Garen, something like a virtual local network is formed, in which group games take place. Garen Plus - a new program for group games, with the former name GGClient. To play Dota game, Garen Plus fits almost perfectly.

    To play DotA through Garen, you need to follow simple instructions:

    • You need to download Garen for DotA from the official site.
    • After the download, run the installation file.
    • There will be an installer program.
    • Then you need to accept all the conditions and click on the button further.
    • In the next step, you need to choose the path to install and click on.
    • After clicking is ready, and start the established program.

    Further, if you already have an account, you need to enter your login details, and if you do not have an account, you can register on the official website. Registration will take you just a couple of minutes.All you need is email, and also come up with a login and password. The next step is to choose a skin. Everything, now it is possible to use the program. To do this, select the game you want to play, select a country and specify the full path to the game installed on your computer.

    Registration with the Garena client

    Before you learn how to play at Garina in DotA, you need to register a client. When you first start the client, a window will appear to enter your login and password. For those who have a Russian version of the client, in the lower corner of the program, you can find the Registration button, and if the version is English, SIGN UP NOW will be written. Next you need to click on this button, enter all the data and confirm the entry. Now, with a free soul, you can play Dota through Garen and enjoy all its benefits. To do this, click on the client's shortcut on the desktop, enter the username and password and quietly play your favorite game.

    What to do if games are not visible

    In this case, before playing in Garena in Dotu, you need to push the host by right-clicking on the icon of the selected host, which is located on the right side of the program. Next you need to click on Ggtunnel.Then in the settings menu, set the enhanced game mode (Menu - Settings - WarTFTRPG - and replace the mod. If it is normal, then set the enhanced mode, and then vice versa).

    Next in the settings you need to specify the file War3.exe, which will serve as the address to run. It is also necessary to disable all protection services for your computer, DC ++, firewall and other programs that interfere with the normal connection. If this does not help, then you need to check the quality of the Internet connection. If there is a problem, then you need to contact the provider. Also, a common reason is the use of an unlicensed program (you need to download Garen for DotA from the official site).

    And if everything works fine and displayed, go ahead:

    • Start the client and log in to it.
    • An account window will appear in which all data is shown, as well as other information on this profile.
    • Press the LAN button with a picture of 3 connected computers.
    • Next you need to choose a game.
    • After that, you should have a window in which you first need to select a country, and then a room in which you will enjoy the game.
    • Next you need to enter this room by right-clicking on it.
    • Then you must specify the path to the game itself.

    In some cases, in order to play Dota through Garen, you need to install special patches. In the absence of these patches, you may not see the games created, or you can simply throw them out of the game. Install the patches and the problem will be fixed.

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