• How to plant parsley?

    Ksenia Vilinskaya
    Ksenia Vilinskaya
    November 26, 2014
    How to plant parsley?

    Parsley is unpretentious to the conditions, and plant this biennial plant is not difficult. There are no special requirements for the soil: loose and fertile, the acidity is normal or slightly acidified. Light loam, for example, is perfect, as is sod-podzolic.

    Optimal lighting for planting - bright sun or partial shade. You can not plant parsley in the soil, where the members of the celery family grew - cilantro, dill, cumin or carrots. Suitable beds where they grew cabbage or potatoes, onions.

    Leaf parsley can be planted "conveyor", sowing the beds every 2-3 weeks until late autumn.

    How to plant parsley correctly

    Gardeners more often use the method of forcing the roots of a plant, rather than sowing the seeds. For growing in a greenhouse, it is more efficient and economical. The recommended thickness of the roots for forcing is 5 mm, and the length is about 8. They are cut together with the tops and kept in the sand at a temperature of +2 degrees.At this time, the soil is thinned, making grooves at a distance of 15 cm from each other, and inserting the roots - so that there is no more than 5 cm between them. Sprinkled with soil to the neck, slightly tamped, and then watered.

    Seeds are used for growing in the greenhouse, and for planting in the ground. Make a furrow depth of 2 cm and fall asleep seeds. Before that, they need to be soaked in water for a day until germs appear. Top sprinkled with earth, compacting the soil - for example, a board.

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