• How to plant garlic at home

    How and when to plant garlic

    How to plant garlic at home

    Any summer resident knows that garlic (winter) is usually planted in the autumn. However, it can be planted in the spring, only for this garlic must be properly prepared.


    Beginning summer residents, of course, have questions about how to plant garlic in general, and which of its species is better. The plant is quite unpretentious and, it would seem, requires a minimum of attention during planting and care. But still in its planting there are some peculiarities, which will be discussed in our article.


    The thing is that garlic should be planted in the cold period. That is why it is usually planted closer to winter or spring. In autumn, the most suitable time for planting: in the second decade of September, i.e. about 2-3 weeks before the onset of frost.


    During this time, the garlic need to have time to pick up the roots well and do not tie the leaves. Usually, garlic is planted to the teeth down - in small bulbs, which are formed on arrowheads. An onion is always divided into cloves right before planting so that the lower part of the clove does not dry out, because the roots in the ground come from it.


    How to plant garlic in the spring


    Is it possible to plant garlic in the spring, we have already found out, the main thing is to prepare it well for further planting. Plant spring (spring) garlic, usually in mid-April. So, we offer a small instruction:


    1. Hold the garlic for 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator. Immediately before planting, dip garlic in a weak solution of potassium permanganate (1 g per 1 liter) or replace it with hydrochloric acid in the absence of potassium permanganate (3 tablespoons salt per bucket of water). Alternatively, use a solution of copper sulfate (1%). Choose a suitable piece of land - this greatly influences the proper landing. Well fit the site where previously grew cucumbers, cabbage or zucchini.


    2. When the place is chosen, dig up the ground at the level of the spade, then level the soil. Limit the area under the garlic sides - so moisture will remain, which is very necessary for garlic. Before planting, soak the soil in the desired area with a saline solution in a ratio of 3 tbsp. 10 liters of water to make disinfection.


    3. Now divide all the garlic heads into denticles. Choose only good garlic without rot, etc. Insert the teeth into the ground at a distance of about 10 cm from each other.Do not confuse their sides - in the ground should be the part that attaches one clove of garlic to another in whole garlic. The opposite side of the clove should protrude slightly from the ground.


    4. Sprinkle the bed with sawdust or sand. Water thoroughly all the planting and wait for the garlic to sprout. You do not need to cover the bed with a film, as garlic is not afraid of frost.


    5. Within a few days shoots appear. At this time, you need to make the bait of ammonium sulfate - the substance will protect the plant from various pests. It is recommended to repeat the procedure one more time approximately at the beginning of the third decade of June. Until the beginning of August, water the garlic with enough water so that it absorbs more moisture.


    6. Then stop watering - let the garlic dry before collection. Harvesting is carried out at the end of September, before the onset of autumn frosts.


    Spring garlic differs from winter in that it does not have many cloves, but they are larger in size. Therefore, before choosing which garlic to plant, decide which result will suit you, and only then choose the variety you need and, accordingly, the characteristics of planting.

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