• How to pickle mackerel at home is tasty and fast

    Hello! Continuing the theme of cooking pickles, I’ll tell you how to pickle mackerel at home tasty and quickly. In this article I will present a whole series of various step-by-step recipes.

    To begin, I will tell you about the subtleties of the choice of mackerel and the features of subsequent preparation. After all, the end result largely depends on this. You already know how to make salted salmon. It is time to master the art of salting mackerel.

    Rules and advice on pickling

    1. For pickling suits mackerel of large or medium size. Small fish are bony and lean. Ideal - fish weighing 300 grams. Salt better fresh or fresh-frozen fish. If there is none, then frozen will do.
    2. During the selection, be sure to pay attention to the color. Fresh fish has a light gray tint with no signs of yellowness, the eyes are bright and not cloudy.Good mackerel is characterized by a light fishy aroma, elastic and slightly moist to the touch.
    3. When salting, salt pulls out excess moisture from the fish and thoroughly soaks the carcass. Carry out the process at a low temperature, as in hot conditions the product swells. Upon completion of salting mackerel cleaned in a cellar or refrigerator.
    4. For the preparation of salted mackerel use dishes that are not oxidized. I use enamelled plastic and glass containers. If there is no suitable utensil, a wide plastic bottle with a cut neck is suitable.
    5. I recommend salting mackerel at home with ordinary salt, iodized salt is not suitable. Iodine will not affect the taste of the finished dish, but will spoil the appearance.
    6. Use better coarse salt. To dissolve it requires a lot of liquid, so the fish will take more moisture, which will increase the shelf life.
    7. Whole carcasses, fillets or pieces are suitable for salting. This does not affect the preparation technology, but reduces the time for complete salting. A whole mackerel is prepared for three days, the pieces are salted one day.
    8. The refrigerator is the best place to store.Mackerel pour vegetable oil and store no more than 5 days. Do not keep salted fish in the freezer, after defrosting the meat will become watery and soft.
    9. In order to make the mackerel fully reveal its taste and acquire a breathtaking aroma, add laurel and peas in the process of salting. Coriander, clove and allspice add a spicy flavor.

    These tips will help prepare a delicious, beautiful and fragrant salty mackerel.

    A simple recipe for salting mackerel

    • Mackerel - 2 pcs. to 350 g.
    • Drinking water - 1 liter.
    • Mustard powder - 1 teaspoon.
    • Sugar - 3 tablespoons.
    • Salt - 5 tablespoons.
    • Peppermint - 10 pcs.
    • Laurel - 4 leaves.
    1. Pour water into the saucepan and put on the stove. After boiling water, add the spices provided by the recipe, and boil over high heat for three minutes. I turn off the fire, cover the marinade with a lid and leave to cool to room temperature.
    2. Preparing mackerel. I cut off the tail and head, remove the insides. I carefully wipe the fish with water, dry it, cut it into pieces 3-4 cm wide and spread it in a glass dish.
    3. Pour the cooled marinade and send the tank with mackerel in the fridge. In twelve hours the fish is ready. It takes 2 days for a full prosalt.

    This is the most simple and incredibly successful recipe for making salted mackerel slices.

    Classic recipe

    Shop windows are full of salted fish in a wide range. But there are cases when a trustworthy brand, for certain reasons, delivers tasteless fish. If you have a classic recipe for picking mackerel, disappointment can be avoided.

    • Mackerel - 1 pc.
    • Salt - 4 tablespoons.
    • Sugar - 2 tablespoons.
    • Vinegar - 2 tablespoons.
    • Laurel - 3 leaves.
    • Black pepper - 3 peas.
    • Sweet pepper - 2 peas.
    • Water - 1 liter.
    1. I cut my fish, dry it, cut it into pieces and remove the insides.
    2. In the enameled container I pour water, add spices, bring to a boil. Boil five minutes, removed from the stove. After cooling the brine, I inject the vinegar and diligently mix it.
    3. I spread the pieces of fish into a glass container, pour the marinade and place it for 24 hours in a place with room temperature, then spread the mackerel on a plate and taste it.
    Video recipe

    As you can see, home salting mackerel is a simple task. Salted mackerel is combined with potatoes, rice and even buckwheat.If you tell in the comments your recipes for salting this wonderful fish, I will be grateful.

    Spicy salted mackerel

    The spicy salted mackerel recipe is suitable even for herring and red fish. 12 hours after the end of cooking, the dish will please you with an incredible taste.

    • Fresh mackerel - 2 pcs.
    • Onions - 2 heads.
    • Allspice - 5 peas.
    • Laurel - 2 leaves.
    • Wine vinegar - 50 ml.
    • Salt - 3 tablespoons.
    • Vegetable oil - 1 teaspoon.
    • Dried cloves - 2 sticks.
    • Ground black pepper.
    1. I remove the skin from the fish and cut the carcass along the ridge. Then carefully remove the bones and cut the mackerel fillets into pieces of moderate size. I sprinkle with salt and set aside for 10 minutes.
    2. Peeled onions cut into rings. To prepare the marinade in a bowl, combine vinegar with vegetable oil, add the spices specified in the recipe, and mix thoroughly.
    3. Seasoning the mackerel with pepper, adding onion rings, mixing, spreading in a glass bowl and pouring marinade. Leave at room temperature for at least 10 hours, then keep another two hours in the refrigerator.

    Salted mackerel in this recipe is incredibly tender.I usually serve spiced fish with boiled potatoes, although I often use it to make toast and sandwiches. A plate with this delicacy guests devastate first.

    Mackerel salted whole in brine

    In the supermarkets sold ready marinated mackerel, but cooked with his own hands is much tastier. Those who have tasted this homemade yummy will definitely agree with me. For the rest, I recommend reading the recipe for salting mackerel whole in brine.

    Mackerel - fatty fish, which is highly valued and should be present in the diet of each person. I will share two great simple recipes. You can pickle fish yourself, even without special culinary skills.

    Video recipe salting whole

    Whole mackerel in brine with onion peel

    Fish sates the human body with useful substances. The most valuable is the red fish, however, it is the most expensive. The top of the list of available varieties is mackerel. It is smoked, grilled, baked, salted.

    • Frozen mackerel - 3 pcs.
    • The usual salt is 3 tablespoons.
    • Water - 6 glasses.
    • Black tea - 2 tablespoons.
    • Sugar - 1.5 tablespoons.
    • Onion peel - 3 handfuls.
    1. I spread the frozen mackerel in a large bowl and wait until it melts on its own. I do not advise you to use a microwave oven for this purpose, otherwise the fish will not retain a dense consistency and benefit.
    2. While the fish is defrosting, I prepare the brine. Onion peel is placed in a colander and carefully washed under running water. I spread it in a saucepan, add salt, sugar, brew and pour water. After boiling the liquid, I take the pan off the stove and cover with the lid.
    3. I carefully wipe the mackerel with water, gut it, wash it again and put it in an enameled container. Here I also add filtered brine. I cover the dishes with a lid and send it to a cold place for three days. Once a day I turn over mackerel, as a result, it is evenly colored and salted.

    Three days later I take out the fish, cut into portions and serve it to the table, garnished with lemon slices and greens. Combines with such mackerel boiled and fried potatoes. You yourself decide with what to file this delicacy. My recommendations are inappropriate in this case.

    Mackerel whole in tea solution

    Salted whole mackerel is ideal for self-serving. It is difficult to say how much such fish is stored. I salt it in several pieces, and it instantly disappears. But I am fully convinced that if you create this culinary miracle, no one else will want to buy salted fish in the store.

    • Frozen mackerel - 2 pcs.
    • Salt - 4 tablespoons.
    • Water - 1 liter.
    • Sugar - 4 tablespoons.
    • Leaf black tea - 4 tablespoons.
    1. I thaw out a small fish in a sink under flowing water. After cutting off the head, gutting, drenching with water and drying with paper towels.
    2. I pour black tea with boiling water, wait for it to boil and cool, then add salt and sugar to it. Stir until dissolved.
    3. In a ready-made tea solution, I drop the mackerel, leave in the fridge to marinate for four days. I take the fish out of the marinade and hang it over a basin or sink by the tails for the night.

    Serve delicacy to the table I advise in the form of portioned pieces. To decorate salted mackerel I use greens, cooked steamed vegetables or mashed potatoes as a garnish. You can add it to some New Year's salad, from which it will become much tastier.

    How to salt mackerel for 2 hours

    A variety of salted fish is sold in stores, but buying salted products is sometimes problematic. To keep the fish longer marketable and longer stored, manufacturers do not regret the salt. However, to prepare lightly salted mackerel can be at home for 2 hours.

    The recipe described below will suit impatient fans of homemade pickles. Enough to be patient and after 2 hours to start tasting salted product.

    • Mackerel - 1 pc.
    • Bow - 1 head.
    • Water - 350 ml.
    • Salt - 1.5 tablespoons.
    • Black pepper - 7 peas.
    • Laurel - 2 leaves.
    1. The first thing I do is pickle. I pour water into a small scoop, bring it to a boil, add the onion cut into four parts, spices and salt specified in the recipe. I cook the brine on minimum heat under the lid for no more than 10 minutes, then turn off the gas, remove the lid and let it cool.
    2. While cooling marinade, I am engaged in fish. I cut off the tail and head, I make a small incision on the abdomen, remove the insides through it, wash the carcass with water and dry it with paper napkins.
    3. I cut the carcass into pieces 2 cm thick so that it quickly and evenly salted out.I spread the fish pieces in a jar or food container, pour in the brine, close the lid and send to the fridge for 120 minutes.
    4. After the specified time the salted fish will be cooked. If necessary, you can still hold it for half an hour in brine. Before serving, I recommend decorating mackerel with onion rings and greens.

    Agree, some hot dishes are prepared much longer than this incredibly delicious treat. The only drawback is the short shelf life. However, the fish does not threaten to spoil, because it does not linger on the table for a long time, as does the fried pollock.

    Salted mackerel in pieces

    Practice shows that salted mackerel slices are at the same time an excellent stand alone dish, a wonderful addition to various side dishes and a great ingredient for snacks.

    The recipe is designed for people who can not imagine their lives without salted fish. Thanks to the spicy brine, the fish becomes suitable for consumption overnight.

    • Mackerel - 350 g
    • Salt - 1 tablespoon.
    • Sugar - 0.5 tablespoons.
    • Ground pepper
    • Vegetable oil
    • Vinegar - to taste.
    1. I pour fresh mackerel with water, cut off my head and tail, gut, wash it again and cut it into pieces, three centimeters thick. Each piece is rolled in a mixture of pepper, sugar and salt.
    2. Mackerel tightly stacked in a glass container, cover with lid and send in the refrigerator until the morning. Then I wash off the excess salt from the mackerel, dry it, put it in a clean jar and pour vinegar and vegetable oil with it. After two hours you can enjoy the taste of salted fish.

    I think the simplicity of the recipe surprised you greatly. Made-for-yourself treats are in no way inferior to the store product, and in some aspects will give a big head start. As a first dish, you can make borscht, the second will be fish and potatoes, and for dessert, homemade yogurt or quince jam. Excellent menu for a family dinner, right?

    Fresh-Marinated Marinated Mackerel Recipe

    Marinated fish - everyone's favorite treat, which is sold in any store. True, this pleasure can not be called cheap. If desired, marinated fresh-frozen mackerel can be cooked at home.

    • Mackerel - 3 pcs.
    • Onions - 3 heads.
    • Garlic - 3 slices.
    • Sugar - 1 teaspoon.
    • Salt - 1 tablespoon.
    • Vinegar - 3 tablespoons.
    • Vegetable oil - 2 tablespoons.
    • Laurel - 2 leaves.
    • Allspice - 1 teaspoon.
    • A mixture of peppers.
    1. I take the fish out of the freezer, waiting until it thaws slightly. I wash the carcasses with water, gut, cut off the head and tail, cut into portions. If the fish is completely defrosted, the pieces will be uneven, and after staying in a spicy marinade, the appearance will completely deteriorate.
    2. Onions and garlic peel. I chop the onions in thick rings, garlic in thin slices, then proceed to the preparation of the marinade. To do this, mix vinegar with vegetable oil, salt, sugar, pepper and bay leaf.
    3. I spread the prepared fish in a large bowl, add the onions with garlic and pour in the marinade. I mix everything thoroughly and place it in glass jars, which I later send to a cold place for a day.

    That's all. You can make excellent sandwiches from marinated mackerel by adding some green onions. The fish prepared according to this recipe is a beautiful, tasty and healthy treat.

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