• How to pay off loans

    For a start, no need to panic, in despair, sprinkle ashes on the head or start to dry the crackers. It is better to objectively assess your situation and plans for getting out of this situation. Loan - to run to another bank for a new loan and get into another debt to cover old ones is not the best option. Also, do not go to extremes and flee from creditors in the forests, mastering extreme survival in the taiga. A more sensible option is to contact your bank and try to solve the problem together. After all, if you think logically, the bank (on the one hand) is interested in the borrower paying the loan in full, and (on the other hand) he does not need the extra litigation.
    What can the bank offer as a way out of this situation?
    Option 1. Provide a deferment of payments on the loan, giving you the opportunity for some time to restore its solvency.
    Option 2. Extension of the loan period by changing the schedule of monthly payments, thus reducing their value.
    Option 3.Convert a loan into another currency in order to reduce the size of payments.
    For your part, you, as a borrower, must also make every effort to solve the problem. If your financial situation has deteriorated due to illness, provide the bank with all necessary certificates that confirm this. If you are fired, then try to get a new job, even if it is less paid or the position is lower than the previous one - at least temporarily, until you repay the loan. While you are looking for a more suitable option for yourself, you will be able to cope with current payments.
    If you took a loan to buy a new apartment, you can rent it or sell it. Naturally, the latter option is undesirable, especially in the conditions of the economic situation in our country, but in an extreme situation this may be the only way out. No matter what solution you have chosen from the current situation, the main thing is not to delay it, hoping "at random", but to start solving the problem right away. But before that, think it over and weigh it.

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