• How to pay by Paypal?

    Convenience is one of the components of our modern life. Now a lot of services can be obtained without leaving home. And all this thanks to the Internet. But nothing happens for nothing, so there are many electronic payment systems. One of the largest is PayPal.

    What is PayPal

    This payment system allows its customers to make purchases, that is, to pay bills for them and not only. It can accept and send money transfers, it should be noted that not all countries can accept. The company was founded in 2000, and since October 2002 it has been part of eBay. PayPal currently operates in 190 countries and regions. In 17 countries there are localized sites, and uses 24 types of world currency.

    How to pay by PayPal

    To use this payment system, you first need to register in it. We go to the site and go through the registration process.

    • In order to create an account in the system, you must select a country and language. We select �Personal Account�, which can later be changed to �Premier� or �Business�. Each account will require a separate email address, credit card and bank account.
    • Next you need to fill in personal data in the selected language, such as your full name (last name, first name, middle name), your address (for delivery of purchases) and telephone.
    • The system will prompt you to link your credit card immediately. This can be left for later, if you have it, it does not exist yet, or you are not ready right now.
    • Now you need to check your mail (email) box, which will receive a letter for confirmation. Click on the link or copy it to the browser.

    Now you will enter the site using a login (this is your email address) and a password obtained during registration.

    How to pay by PayPal? For this you need to verify the payment card. This procedure implies a debit from the card of $ 1.95, while indicating the four-digit code that you need to inform PayPal. This will confirm access to the card, and after that the money ($ 1.95) will return to the balance of your account in the system.

    How to pay with PayPal? You can have a card in a different currency than the payment made. The system will automatically convert to any currency.


    When sending money through PayPal fee is not charged. It is paid by the recipient and it depends on the country receiving the payment.Exchange rates can be viewed by logging into your account. Further "Profile", "My funds", "Currencies" and "Calculate".

    PayPal Company Warranties

    �The company is very responsible for the security of the service, so the entrance to the site occurs in a protected area. The company guarantees that the details of your card will not be transferred to third parties.

    Money is not credited to the seller�s account until the buyer confirms that the delivery was successful. So there is the possibility of a refund. If the received goods do not correspond to the ordered one, or have not been delivered at all, then within 45 days, the buyer may start a dispute, and then transfer it to a claim. PayPal will consider, and if the decision is made in favor of the buyer, the cost will be refunded in full.

    Learn new technologies, and this will greatly facilitate your life.

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